Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig clients were issued 50 trademark office registrations in August.  A registered trademark can build brand loyalty, deter copycats, and protect yourself from infringement claims. Contact DBL today and have one of our experienced trademark attorneys help secure a registered trademark for your name, slogan, logo, symbol, or phrase.  Learn why it is important to file a trademark. Information regarding the trademark office registrations were obtained from the public records of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

By Findly Talent, LLC. Employment hiring, recruiting, placement, staffing and career networking services.
Fishing rod store.
Fishing rods.
Fishing rods.
Fishing rods.

Employment hiring, recruiting, placement, staffing and career networking services.

Investment advise and investment management.
Clear plastic travel bags.

Human resources consultancy and marketing services.


Personal coaching services in the field of personal growth.

Restaurant services.
Bottoms and tops.
Bottoms and tops.

Advertising and promotion services and consulting.


Charitable fundraising services, by means of providing individuals with the information and opportunity to make monetary donations.


On-line retail store services featuring tops, bottoms, headwear, and footwear.


Pressure control equipment, namely, blowout preventers and automatic valves for controlling the flow of oil in pipelines.


Fishing lures.

Education services, namely, providing classes and workshops in the fields of skateboarding.
Baby and toddler apparel.
On-line retail store featuring drones and drone accessories.
Electronic products.
Footwear; Hats; Bottoms; Tops.
Bottoms; Footwear; Headwear; Tops.
Bottoms; Footwear; Headwear; Tops.
Security and privacy hardware and software.
Charitable services, namely organizing youth groups. 


Computer software and application software for law practice management and administration.


Special event planning for social entertainment purposes.
Providing geographic information on the distribution of medical diseases.
Dietary supplements and food supplements.
Novelty slippers depicting animals.
Footwear; Headwear; Bottoms; Tops.
Cigarette filters.

Animation design for others; Commercial art design.
Clothing, namely, T-shirts, hats, skirts.
Downloadable mobile applications for use in allowing individuals to analyze and understand their own genetic information.
Educational services, namely, conducting classes in the field of martial arts, religion and Chinese culture.
Skincare products.

Waste management.


Hot sauce.

Footwear; Headwear; Bottoms; Tops.

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