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At Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, we provide our business clients with aggressive representation, and we offer cost-effective, creative legal solutions. We work to understand your business aims and objectives and to make them our priority. Let an experienced Bethesda, Maryland business attorney at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig help you deal with trademarks and copyrights, trademark and patent litigation, protection of intellectual property, government contracts, and any type of business-related legal issue or dispute. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig helps governments, corporations, and businesses of all sizes resolve legal disputes, conduct major transactions, and protect their intellectual properties. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig knows how to represent and defend your business and your business interests.


Every day in the United States, small and mid-sized businesses are targeted by lawsuits and investigated for compliance. Contact Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig at once about any business-related legal dispute or government action or about your routine business-related legal needs. We settle business disputes while vigilantly safeguarding your legal rights and long-term business interests. We represent governments, businesses of all sizes, and individual clients in every part of the United States and around the globe.


Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig will handle any or all of your business-related legal needs. With their diverse backgrounds and many years of experience, our business lawyers will create, review, and help you enforce the contracts and other business documents you use on a regular basis. We offer aggressive legal defense if your business becomes the target of a lawsuit or a government investigation, and we’ll help you put in place the solutions that keep small legal problems from turning into expensive, contentious courtroom trials. Whatever legal challenge your business faces, an experienced Bethesda, Maryland business attorney with Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig can help.


If there’s a dispute over your intellectual property, turn to Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig. Our infringement litigation attorneys have a remarkable record of successes on behalf of our business clients in intellectual property cases. From settling those disputes to conducting patent and trademark clearance searches, an experienced Bethesda, Maryland business attorney with Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig can help you with every available legal tool to protect your intellectual properties. Our attorneys can also review or help you fill out and file U.S. and international patent, trademark, and copyright applications using the most advanced security tools and techniques.


If you are pursuing a government contract or even if you’ve already landed a contract, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig can provide the advice and insights you need. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig offers our business clients something genuinely unique. We understand government contracts in a way that few other law firms can. We’re government contractors ourselves, and a number of our attorneys are also former government attorneys. When you chase or land a government contract, you’ll need a lawyer who understands your business goals and who understands how government contracts work. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig will help you avoid the misunderstandings and mistakes so frequently tied to winning and fulfilling government contracts.


It’s never too early to start the plan for your estate. Estate planning is an imperative for anyone who wants to plan for the future and especially for business owners. The best estate planning requires an experienced estate planning attorney helping you develop precise, fully detailed financial and legal documents. Proper estate planning is the only way to guarantee that your instructions are faithfully followed with the fewest possible legal obstructions. The experienced estate planning attorneys at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig will see to it that you entirely understand your options, and we are always available to address your estate planning concerns. We offer full planning and estate administration services.


The experienced real estate attorneys at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig will also put their years of experience to work on your behalf. We help business clients with real estate sales and purchases, lease agreements, land use and zoning issues, compliance, and more, and we offer real estate-related legal advice and services to businesses, individuals, and real estate professionals. Contact Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig at once regarding any real estate-related dispute or other legal issue that affects you or your business.


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