"I like listening to this on my way to work & I always learn something new. It’s interesting seeing the other side of the law & hearing from attorneys & all about the challenges you’re thrown that I didn’t even think of until I started listening to this."

-Apple Podcast User

"Excellent content on law and business done in an entertaining way. The host, Tom Dunlap, is a natural. Keep the episodes coming. Thoroughly enjoy it!"

-Apple Podcast User

“There’s always a new trend but as quickly as it comes up, it goes away. Keep true to your brand, what you identify as a solid product, and what you really want to showcase out there instead of trying to jump on-board with a ‘new trend’ as quickly as you can.”

-Matt Hagerman, Lost Rhino Brewing Company

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Join us at The Blackletter Podcast as host and founding partner of Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, Tom Dunlap, along with other guests, discusses all things law in the modern age. From CEO to entrepreneur, this podcast is made for you.

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