Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig Collaborates with LMI to Examine Key Policies and Solutions in Cybersecurity

WASHINGTON, DC – OCTOBER 22, 2019 – Over 55 experts from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Department of Defense (DoD), CYBERCOM, Intelligence Community (IC), Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and notable cybersecurity groups came together at LMI’s headquarters to discuss increasing concerns in the realm of cyberattacks, data breaches, and identity theft. This collaborative effort between Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig and LMI focused on key policies and solutions to prevent and mitigate crippling damage to individuals, corporations, and government institutions.

The summit was composed of a variety of panels, with topics from an overview of the National Defense Strategy and supply chain risk management policy to cyber operations perspectives from the DoD, IC, and DHS. The keynote speaker for the event was Glenn Gaffney, the Director of in-Q-Tel Labs and former Director for Science and Technology at the CIA, supported by featured speakers Dana White, Former Assistant to the Secretary of Defense; Col. Gary Corn JAGC, USA Staff Judge Advocate for Commander, CYBERCOM; Karen Britton, Vice President of Digital Services at LMI and former White House CIO; and Daniel Sutherland, Chief Counsel at the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

“We now live in a hyperconnected world where our personal data moves globally and at great speed. Protecting and using that data is a key challenge for all businesses – and the right solution requires a combination of people, skill, and technology,” said David Verhey, Partner, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig.

The Cyber & Data Security Summit left attendees with a number of key takeaways: namely, that data security and privacy require investment but will increase and improve market share and profitability; that small businesses in the United States are some of the main engines of innovation for the national security base; and, most importantly, that spreadsheets and forms are not the answers to today’s requirements for cybersecurity and data privacy. We must push for automated solutions driven by strategic thinking.

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig – a law firm with a strong focus on national and cybersecurity practice – is excited to have been a part of such thought-provoking discussions among peers. It is their hope that they are able to continue to provide invaluable legal and technical advice to proactively protect our clients from cybersecurity incidents and data breaches and guide them through the complicated process of responding to an incident when it occurs.


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