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Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is a veteran-owned law firm with a global footprint.  Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig lawyers provide businesses and individuals with a full array of business and estate legal services. We are straight talking advisers and zealous advocates for those we represent. We invest in success by establishing long-term relationships with clients built on trust in our abilities. We are not just your lawyers–our depth of experience includes lawyers who are also business owners, patent-holders, military veterans, commercial pilots, prosecutors, aerospace engineers, MBAs, and scholars. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig lawyers listen to the needs of their clients and focus on smart and effective business solutions tailored to client goals. The firm has broken the traditional model with a client-centric philosophy. Our team, at all levels, delivers the highest degree of service with an efficiency that translates to lower legal bills and better outcomes. This balanced approach allows our firm to successfully compete – and win- against elite boutique law firms and big brand name law firms while offering the best value and results for our clients.

Professional Development

DBL Thought Leader logoDunlap Bennett & Ludwig is proud to offer all of our employees the opportunity learn and maintain professional credentials through our DBL University and DBL Thoughtleader Institute programs.  DBL University is an innovative informal learning opportunity that covers topics such as LinkedIn, Business Development, and the State of the Legal Market.  DBL Thoughtleader Institute provides an opportunity for our attorneys to obtain their required CLE hours for professional licensing.  We believe in lifelong learning for all of our attorneys and staff.

Mentor Program

DBL’s leadership believes our greatest resources is our employees.  Our mentor program goal is to contribute to the development of an engaged and better-trained workforce.DBL leadership has created an initial Mentor/Mentee matching.  These assignments were made to pairs that do not regularly work together.  This will help build relationships and knowledge outside your core practice area and/or location.

Mentor Program Goals:

  • Professional Identity: provide guidance on the ins and outs of being an attorney
  • Firm Culture: help communication and reinforce firm culture, mission, and vision.
  • Education: provide access to knowledge, information, and networks
  • Career Development: be a sounding board on career development and direction

Health & Wellness

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is committed to the idea that corporate wellness is a fundamental key to overall success.  We have created a holistic approach to employee well-being by creating an organizational culture of health.  We believe strongly that your workplace environment should promote healthiness both mentally and physically.

Flex-time and Telework: Our lawyers can develop flexible work schedules to help achieve a better balance between their professional and personal obligations.

FMLA: We support FMLA, which entitles eligible employees to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave.

Re-entry:  We offer career coaching and options for returning at a reduced hour schedule, on a case by case basis, specifically designed for caregivers transitioning back to the firm from maternity leave.

Attorney and Staff Appreciation

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