Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig successfully obtained 69 trademark registrations and 22 patent notices of allowance for  clients in October. Check out the publications below!

Did you know a registered trademark can build brand loyalty, deter copycats, and protect the owner of the trademark from infringement claims, while a patent can entitle an inventor to damages in case of another individual or company profiting off their invention. Click here to learn more about intellectual property protection. Are you covered?


Information regarding the registered trademarks and patent notices were obtained from public records of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


Trademark image Website with non-downloadable software for the healthcare industry.
Trademark image Financial planning advisory.
Trademark image Transportation of travelers and air traffic control services.
Trademark image Transportation of travelers and air traffic control services.
Trademark image Real estate, finance and business workshops and education.
Trademark image Online store for alcoholic beverages and accessories.
Trademark image Educational services providing online cognitive assessments.
Trademark image Incontinence clamps and other medical devices.
Trademark image Essential oils and dietary supplements.
Trademark image Head-wear bottoms and tops.
Trademark image Containers and lunchboxes.
Trademark image Business analysis and advisory services.
Trademark image Jewelry.
Trademark image
Bottoms, caftans, dresses, footwear, hats, tops, and tunics.
Trademark image Arranging and conducting an annual beer festival.
Trademark image Grill brushes.
Trademark image Grill brushes.
Trademark image Dog toys.
Trademark image Clothing, namely hats, T-shirts, sweat shirts, sweaters, hooded sweatshirts, jackets, socks, pocket squares, ties, beanies, scarfs, button down shirts, and polo shirts.
Trademark image Design and development of computer hardware and software; Interior design services.
Trademark image Providing emotional counseling and emotional support services for women.
Trademark image Custom manufacture of lighting and lighting modules.
Trademark image Retail services providing cosmetic and personal care products.
Trademark image Distilled spirits.
Trademark image Distilled spirits.
Trademark image Hats, bottoms and tops.
Trademark image Restaurant services.
Trademark image Design and development of computer hardware and software.
Trademark image Mouthwash.
Trademark image Lubricants for industrial machinery.
Trademark image Professional staffing and recruiting services.
Trademark image Security cameras; GPS tracking devices.
Trademark image Fruit jellies in the nature of pepper-based spreads.
Trademark image Grip tape, namely, adhesive tape for medical purposes.
Trademark image Marketing consulting; Business management consulting in the field of team development.
Trademark image Beer, ale and lager.
Trademark image Educational services, namely, conducting classes, seminars, conferences, and workshops.
Trademark image
Rag dolls.
Trademark image Restaurant and bar information services.
Trademark image Computer application software for providing accent modification and English language skills.
Trademark image LED light assemblies for street lights, signs, commercial lighting, automobiles, buildings, and other architectural uses.
Trademark image Legal services.
Trademark image Restaurant and catering services.
Trademark image Electric bark control dog collars; Electric fences.
Trademark image Entertainment services, namely, conducting contests, parties, and live music concerts.
Trademark image Bottoms, hats, socks and tops. 
Trademark image Podiatry services.
Trademark image Retail store services featuring automotive parts; On-line retail store services featuring automotive parts.
Trademark image Lemonade.
Trademark image Non-medicated additives for animal feed for use as nutritional supplements.
Trademark image Information technology consulting services.
Trademark image Christian ministry services.
Trademark image Educational services, namely, conducting conferences in the field of providing information relating to and enhancing professional education for the steel supply chain.
Trademark image Design and development of telecommunication systems.
Trademark image Private investigation services.
Trademark image Jeans and T-shirts.
Trademark image Gloves, hats, jackets, shirts.
Trademark image Organizing and conducting an ongoing event in the nature of a cosplay exhibition for entertainment purposes, the proceeds of which are donated to charity.
Trademark image Inflatable lounge chair and sofas for aquatic recreational use.
Trademark image Downloadable mobile applications for peer to peer social networking for facilitating personal introductions to people and personal recommendations of products and services.
Trademark image Digital media, namely, CD’s and downloadable audio files, both featuring music.
Trademark image Conducting driving and boat charities.
Trademark image Scientific and technological services, namely, scientific research, analysis, and design in the information technology industry.
Trademark image Catering services; Providing banquet and social function facilities for special occasions.
Trademark image Providing weight loss programs and cosmetic body care services.
Trademark image Janitorial services.
Trademark image Phonograph record sleeves.
Trademark image Physical fitness instruction.
Trademark image On-line political journals and blogs. 


Patent – Title


Bottom Opening Back-Strap Bucket with an Adjustable Lever Keith J. Wingfield
Shooting Glove Richard Martin
Pitch Mark Repair Tool Thomas Perry
System and Method for Collecting Marketing Research Data Thomas Lee
Crotchless Pants with Removable Covers Madeline Carol Boillat-Macon
Channel and Cap Extrusion System Paul Thaddeus Graziano



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