Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig offers reduced rate legal services to furloughed government employees

Vienna, VA (January 9, 2019) – Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, a leading corporate and intellectual property law firm with law offices across the U.S., Puerto Rico, London, Toronto, and China, announces that they will offer discounted legal services in two programs for furloughed government employees and contractors.

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is a veteran-owned law firm that provides businesses and individuals with a full array of business and estate legal services. Many of the lawyers are also former government workers coming from the DoD, DOJ, and NSA. “Because many of us have previously worked in the government, we understand the concerns of our community and neighbors during this government shut down,” stated Tom Dunlap, Partner. “We want to help our government clients as well as family and friends who are either sitting at home stressing about not going to work – or, worse, working without pay.”

As the government enters its twentieth day of the shutdown, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig announced that the discounted legal services programs for affected government workers will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the shutdown.

In the first program, Dunlap Bennett and Ludwig is helping government workers start up new enterprises, form their LLC, file their trademark, or get their inventive idea off the shelf and a patent filed. David Ludwig, a Partner, stated it this way, “While we sympathize with the personal impact of the shutdown on their lives, the downtime could provide an excellent opportunity to work on a shelved invention or kick off a new startup.” During the shut-down, DBL is charging half of its standard legal fees for basic business start-up services and offering free initial consultations to furloughed government workers.

In the second program, Dunlap Bennett and Ludwig is assisting government workers with legal advice about how to keep their government clearances. “Our thoughts are with those government employees suffering the consequences of not receiving pay as a result of the government shutdown. As a former Army officer who worked side-by-side many high-quality civilian government employees and contractors, my heart goes out to these government employees, contractors, and their families. Our firm is committed to doing whatever it can to assist government personnel in these difficult times”, stated Ellis Bennett, Partner. These attorney consultations are designed to help government workers with advice on getting through financial difficulty without damaging their credit rating and jeopardizing their clearance. During the shut-down for furloughed government employees, DBL is charging half of its consultation rate for these services.

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