The dissolution of a marriage is usually a complex process needing legal assistance. Our Tulsa team, led by David Keesling knows the accepted reasons for divorce and the best way to pursue the dissolution of marriage through divorce.

High Asset Marital Estates

High net worth individuals that are getting divorced often have some complex financial planning matters to address. The distribution of property is one part of the equation, and there can be business interests, pensions, annuities, insurance policies, retirement accounts, etc. that have to be properly accounted for and reconciled.  Many couples also have ongoing businesses and or business interests that have to be equitably divided. Other couples may have jointly administered trusts, and this can enter the picture as well. David Keesling has a great deal of experience in pursuing and defending these type of high asset cases, and he would be more than glad to put it to work for you.

High Conflict Custody

Child custody matters can be very emotional even if the parties involved are not particularly hostile to one another. The level of intensity increases exponentially when there is a great deal of acrimony involved. We represent clients that are going through high conflict custody battles, and our track record of success speaks volumes. If you engage us to advocate your interests, you can rest assured that we will do everything possible to facilitate a favorable outcome.

International Custody Disputes

All parents that are involved in custody disputes should have the appropriate legal representation. This being stated, it is even more important if you are involved in an International custody dispute. An attorney that is representing a client that is embroiled in an International custody matter must have a thorough knowledge of the Hague Convention and the legal aspects of International Child Abduction, including the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act. David Keesling has considerable expertise in this area, so he is well equipped to advocate your interests if you are involved in an international custody dispute.

Registration of Foreign Judgments or Decrees

The formal procedure for seeking recognition and enforcement of a foreign judgement or decree depends on the applicable law of your state. The enforcement of foreign judgement or decrees is simply the recognition and enforcement in one state or jurisdiction of judgement or decrees rendered in another “foreign” state or jurisdiction.  Foreign judgement may be recognized based on bilateral or multilateral treaties or understanding, or unilaterally without an express International agreement.  David Keesling is experienced in these matters.

If you are facing divorce, call today.

David Keesling has experience in mediation and alternative dispute resolution and is a seasoned and aggressive litigator. As a family law attorney, David Keesling has extensive litigation experience in the following areas:

  • Child Support Defense and Enforcement
  • Custody and Visitation (Agreed or Contested)
  • Custody or Support Modifications (Agreed or Contested)
  • Divorce without Children (Agreed or Contested)
  • Divorce with Children (Agreed or Contested)
  • High Asset Estates
  • High Conflict Divorces
  • International Child Custody Defense and Enforcement
  • Paternity Determination (Agreed or Contested)
  • Prenuptial Agreements (Drafting, Contesting & Enforcing)
  • Protective Orders
  • Registration of Foreign Judgments or Decrees