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When it comes to your business, it’s the bottom line that matters. But the more profits your business earns, the more complex matters can become. That’s where the business lawyers at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig can assist, from guarding your intellectual property rights to seeking out government contracts, negotiating a real estate sale, drafting effective employee contracts and representing your company in litigation.

The business attorneys of Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig are here to protect your company and its interests, enabling you to maximize your venture’s profitability both now and in the future. Our clientele is very diverse, including one-man-band sole proprietors, start-ups, small businesses, medium-sized enterprises and even massive, multi-national Fortune 500 corporations.

An experienced Colorado business lawyer can handle many different aspects of your venture. At Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, our objective is to maximize our clients’ profits by offering sound legal advice, comprehensive legal services and – when the need arises – world-class legal representation.

If you require help with a business matter, contact the Fort Collins law offices of Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig by calling (970) 541-0233.

A Look At Our Legal Services for Business

For more than 15 years, the business lawyers with Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig have been offering a comprehensive array of legal service offerings to our clients throughout Fort Collins, Colorado. The following is an overview of our offerings.

Intellectual Property Law  – With the hyper-competitive internet-based business world playing an increasingly important role in business, protecting your intellectual property is absolutely essential for success. Intellectual property law extends to many different areas, such as:

  • trademark applications;
  • patenting and patent applications;
  • copyrighting;
  • international patent applications;
  • international trademarking;
  • trademark infringement;
  • patent infringement;
  • copyright infringement;
  • domain name disputes;
  • patent trial and appeals board representation;
  • intellectual property litigation;
  • and beyond.

Whether you need to trademark your company logo, require help patenting your new invention, wish to secure a specific domain name, or need assistance pursuing someone who has infringed upon your intellectual property, call the legal professionals at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig. Our intellectual property law team is ready to assist.

Litigation and Disputes – Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig has a number of seasoned litigators who are available to defend your interests and represent your company in civil litigation. Getting sued can be a very stressful experience for a business owner, but it does happen on occasion. This is where you need a top business litigator to defend your company and its interests.

Our law firm can also assist if you wish to initiate litigation and file suit against another party or business entity. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig strives to give you the upper hand in all litigation cases and disputes.

Additionally, our legal team is available to advise and represent companies that are under investigation by a government agency or regulatory body.

Government Contracts – Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s Fort Collins business lawyers have many years of experience assisting with government contracts. In fact, our law firm has served as a government contractor, giving us first-hand experience that allows us to fully understand our clients’ perspective and concerns.

Our legal team will review your bid and offer advice as we work to maximizing your chances of securing the government contract and fulfilling your company’s contractual obligations in an efficient manner.

General Business and Corporate Legal Services – Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s elite team of business lawyers are available to advise and consult on corporate legal matters. This can include investigating regulations and ensuring that your business operations are in line with Colorado laws and federal laws, along with evaluating a challenging situation, determining your liabilities and advising you or your company on how best to proceed.

Our Fort Collins lawyers are extremely adept at drafting effective business contracts, including employment contracts, client/customer contracts, supplier/distributor contracts and many others. In addition to drafting, we can also review your pre-written business contract to ensure that it serves your interests while also being clear, concise, non-ambiguous and enforceable.

If you are being asked to sign a contract, our lawyers are available to review the document with your interests in mind. Many contracts contain formal wording which leaves some individuals uncertain about what they’re being asked to sign. Therefore, it’s always wise to work with a business lawyer who can review the document and explain its terms and conditions in an easy-to-understand manner. Whenever necessary, our attorneys can assist with negotiations to arrange more favorable contract terms.

In addition to working with individuals and businesses, our lawyers are also available to advise and consult with governments and government agencies.

Estate Planning – Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s estate planning lawyers are available to guide you through the process of preparing for the inevitable by ensuring that your business and your estate is in order. Estate planning law is very multi-faceted. It can include writing a last will and testament, establishing a trust and drafting advance directives and power of attorney documents, amongst others.

Estate planning allows you to see to it that your affairs are handled in a manner that is consistent with your wishes, while also helping loved ones and business partner(s) to avoid the hassle, expense, and uncertainty of sorting matters in court.

Real Estate Law – When hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars are at stake, it’s essential that you have a world-class team of real estate attorneys working hard on your side. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig has a talented team of Fort Collins real estate lawyers who can assist with all of your real estate-related dealings.

Our lawyers will guide you through the entire transaction, from investigating the property and ensuring our clients perform due diligence, to drafting and/or reviewing lease agreements, negotiating over the sale of a property, assisting with legal matters related to challenging tenants, helping you to seek zoning bylaw variances and beyond.

We also work with real estate investment firms, individual real estate investors, and investment groups, offering legal advice, along with drafting and reviewing the documents that are essential for a smooth real estate transaction.

Our Fort Collins, CO Business Lawyers Are Here to Help

At Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, our over-arching goal is to help you protect your business interests, while maximizing your profits. We can help you achieve this end in a variety of different ways. Our business lawyers are important allies for you and your company or organization.

If you require help with a business matter, contact the Fort Collins law offices of Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig to arrange a confidential, no-cost consultation. Call (970) 541-0233.

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