Oil and gas laws govern oil and gas production, transportation and processing and can pertain to acquisition and ownership rights. The main portion of the law pulls from contract, property and corporate law but it also overlaps into other disciplines such as environmental, tax, employment, administrative, and tort law.

Due to the broad range of legal knowledge necessary to effectively assist clients with legal work related to oil and gas, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig provides a team of multidisciplinary lawyers with experience in a variety of related fields. Not only are they familiar with the business realities that affect our clients, but they have personal experience in the unique operation details and points of negotiation in the contracts and physical operations related to oil and gas. Using their background in the industry, our attorneys alert clients to potential traps, inform them of particular laws within their jurisdiction, navigate government regulations to accomplish their client’s goals, and assemble transactions from the myriad property and operational issues.

At Dunlap, Bennett & Ludwig, we believe in developing innovative solutions for complex problems in the industry, acting as advisors to our clients throughout the life cycle of the business. We do not apply a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather provide legal assistance which is individualized for each prospect or producing property.

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