The toy industry is different than other retail products, and yet many law firms play around in the filed without understanding the that the gaming and toy industry has a unique consumer base that requires a deep understanding of how to handle patent and trademark cases.  With decades of toy and gaming industry-specific intellectual property litigation and patent and trademark prosecution, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig toy industry patent lawyers have the experience with things like robotic fish patents, to plush toy, software games, board games, design patents for pool toys, and we have fought and won against industry giants in Federal Court, the Patent Trial & Appeal Board and the Federal Circuit.

With local offices in the key jurisdictions to handle toy and gaming IP litigation, including Delaware, the Eastern District of Texas, New York, California, and the Eastern District of Virginia, we bring national subject matter expertise, combined with local courtroom and judge expertise to bear in every case.  Likewise, we know China and manufacturing and we are the only firm that can use our Chinese patent lawyers and US lawyers in conjunction to halt infringing shippers on every front, from the ITC to Federal Court, to the Chinese Courts.