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IP: Our team is comprised of professors, engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs who leverage their legal knowledge and technical expertise to help clients achieve their business objectives while securing and protecting their intellectual property rights. We also provide insights into the valuation of IP assets for clients who are looking to engage in mergers and acquisitions and other related transactions. Given the technological advances that shape every industry and the rapidly evolving intellectual property landscape, it is crucial for innovators to protect their ideas and inventions by securing patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Although the America Invents Act, and more recently, the Defend Trade Secrets Act, were designed to enhance the protection of intellectual property rights in the United States, technology continues to outpace the law. From a concept in the mind of an entrepreneur to the sale of the business to a larger competitor, our team’s collective experience enables Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig to provide full-service legal support to both established companies in-house counsel and emerging companies.  Whether you are looking to sell your business, plan a joint venture, bring new products into the marketplace, establish a brand identity, or build a portfolio of patents or trademarks we know technology, business, and law.

Employment: Our Labor and Employment team assists clients with complex challenges and complex regulations affecting employers and employees. We strive to anticipate future issues and needs to resolve issues before they become problems. We work with our clients in the areas of employment law compliance, management of labor issues, litigation of single plaintiff or class actions. Whatever the employment-related issues our clients face, our team works to provide creative, practical and efficient solutions to our clients facing complex employment and labor law challenges.

Disputes: Commercial litigation can affect a company’s bottom line. A company’s contracts and customer relationships are often more valuable than its assets, and a competitor’s interference with those relationships can significantly harm a company. If your business has suffered or has been placed at unnecessary risk because of another business or individual’s reckless, careless or intentional misconduct, you need a team of experienced attorneys to advance and protect your interests. Our business torts lawyer litigation team constantly re-evaluates the client’s risks and benefits during the course of litigation, re-assessing settlement and litigation strategies on an ongoing basis, and working with our clients to ensure that those strategies support and complement the client’s commercial objectives in the face of a dispute.

Government Contracts: The federal government is the largest contractor in the United States, offering billions of dollars in contracts for goods and services each year. However, landing a government contract is a complicated process that hinges on adhering to a number of rules and procedures. We assist clients who are seeking to enter the government contracts market and provide guidance on the bidding the process. We are well versed in the related rules and practices across multiple agencies and have the skills and resources to complete the extensive work required for successfully negotiating government contracts. In addition, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig provides ongoing advice and counsel to clients on their rights and responsibilities under government contracts, compliance with government rules and regulations, security clearances, payment, and financing issues and a wide range of related matters. Ultimately, entering into a government contract can be a lucrative opportunity that supports a company’s other business objectives.

Dedicated to our clients

Since 2001, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig has built a reputation for our dedication and commitment to quality. We believe that each client deserves a superior level of personal service, regardless of the matter they are facing or the size of the case. Knowing that navigating the legal system can be a daunting challenge, we stand by our clients every step of the way.With offices in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, we serve clients throughout the nation as well as those with global reach. Over the years, we have cultivated a trusted network of professionals in real estate, financial services, the restaurant and hospitality sector, the entertainment industry, and life sciences, among others. At the same time, we have developed longstanding working relationships with state, local and federal government officials that are essential for handling critical licensing and regulatory matters.

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s team of first-class attorneys from diverse backgrounds are uniquely qualified to handle an array of issues across multiple industries. Our team is widely recognized for being readily adaptable to changing business situations and priorities. We bring to bear significant legal knowledge, technical expertise, and negotiating skills and have a proven track record of helping our clients achieve successful outcomes.

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