Attending professional conferences is integral to the development of DBL attorneys and enables DBL attorneys to more competently and effectively help clients achieve their goals and resolve legal issues. An opportunity to attend the Leadership Meeting of the International Trademark Association (INTA) is not a conference that DBL can overlook. INTA is a global association of brand owners and professionals dedicated to supporting trademarks and related Intellectual Property (IP) to foster consumer trust, economic growth, and innovation. INTA’s members consist of more than 7,200 organizations from 191 countries, including trademark attorneys and professionals from many Fortune 500 companies. The INTA Leadership Meeting brings together INTA’s approximately 1,200 volunteers and leaders to advance the Association’s objectives and goals.

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Senior Counsel Alex Butterman, DBL’s Trademark Prosecution Manager, has been an active committee member of INTA for about the last dozen years and currently is serving on INTA’s “Emerging Issues” Committee. This committee studies cutting-edge issues affecting trademark law and Alex’s subcommittee is focusing on how artificial intelligence technology might influence branding in the future. For instance, how might AI software be used by trademark offices around the world to examine applications? Some trademark offices are developing image searching software with AI technology.  Could AI software assist shoppers in selecting particular products and brands? AI software could be used to prevent counterfeit brands and help verify authentic brands. And various forms of AI legal software are starting to hit the market which could streamline contract review and drafting, electronic discovery in litigation and other aspects of legal research which could reduce legal costs.

In addition to committee work, the INTA Leadership Meeting is a high-level conference where experienced trademark practitioners can bounce ideas off each other and discuss best practices while also engaging in advanced level continuing legal education sessions. Among the topics were:

  • Learning how to enforce IP rights in China
  • Examples of three-dimensional marks valid in the EU
  • Branding issues particular to event promotions and major events
  • The latest trademark searching technology
  • A large professional “power lunch” with about a dozen countries represented

The conference was well attended and very informational. We’re looking forward to the 141st Annual Meeting, in Boston, Massachusetts. For more information about the ITNA.

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