Virginia Circuit Court Local Counsel – Everywhere you Need to Be.

Virginia is a jurisdiction where you generally can’t use deposition testimony in a summary judgment motion, where a Motion to Dismiss is called a “Demurrer”, and a whole host of other really funky and specific rules.  To make matters more interesting, each County or locality has a Virginia Circuit Court with its own specific rules (see below with links to courts were where frequently appear).  Note, for information on our Federal Practice, please see our page on our services in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia (click here).  Our team of more than thirty Virginia-barred lawyers, practicing and local to Virginia state Circuit Courts all over the Commonwealth of Virginia know the tricks and twists.  We will make litigation a legal and fact fight by taking the procedural burdens off the backs of our fellow lawyers who need local lawyer help in any Virginia state court.  In fact, one of our partners served as president of the Loudoun County Bar Association, and another has been practicing most of his more than 40 years of practice in Virginia state courts.

The DBL Local Counsel Advantage

A solo local counsel can let you down, go on vacation or lose their cell phone.  Maybe.  No reason to take the chance.  Contact one of our partners today (information below).  We will not only provide high level and low level procedural guidance, we will make sure that when you don’t need a partner sitting next to you, that an appropriately less expensive associate attorney with plenty of Virginia state court local counsel experience will be there instead, for things like scheduling and depositions.  With offices in Vienna (Fairfax County, Arlington County, City of Alexandria, City of Arlington), Leesburg (Loudoun County, Prince William County & Fauquier County), Richmond (City of Richmond, Hanover County and Henrico County), and attorneys living and working throughout the Commonwealth, including in the Norfolk/ Newport News area, we don’t have the travel costs and we do have the footprint to keep your client confident in your decisions on hiring local counsel.

Unrivaled Access and Support for Local Counsel

Despite having a large number of attorneys who have fled mega firms, our rates are sane and competitive with any small firm. As local counsel, we can offer conference space, and staff  and document support and physical offices in multiple Virginia locations. We have local access to electronic filing and dockets that are not available to the general public, and indeed many smaller firms may not even subscribe, even those that offer local counsel services.  For example, both Loudoun County Circuit Court and Fairfax County Circuit Court utilize some form of electronic records in certain cases.  We subscribe to OSS, the Online Scheduling System for civil cases (link), CPAN (link) and EFS (the subscription only electronic filing systems and docket system for Fairfax County Courts), and to the Loudoun Electronic records system.  Please visit this link for statewide Virginia Circuit Court case information.

Virginia Circuit Court Resources for Lawyers

We serve as local counsel in the following state courts in the Commonwealth of Virginia (each listed court is an external executable hyperlink to the Court’s page on local counsel):

Selected Court Information

Alexandria Circuit Court

Arlington Circuit Court

Chesterfield Circuit Court

Fairfax Circuit Court

Fauquier Circuit Court

Hanover County Circuit Court

Henrico County Circuit Court

Loudoun Circuit Court

Prince William Circuit Court

Richmond Circuit Court

Selected Local Rules and Practice Pointers Downloads for Virginia Circuit Courts

Court LinkLocal RulesExtras
Alexandria Circuit Court
Arlington Circuit CourtLocal Rules
Chesterfield Circuit CourtLocal Rules 
Fairfax Circuit CourtMotions PracticePro Hac Vice Application
Fauquier Circuit CourtLocal Rules
Hanover County Circuit CourtLocal RulesSuggested Practices
Henrico County Circuit CourtLocal RulesSuggested Practices
Loudoun Circuit Court
Prince William Circuit CourtTimesaver Guidelines
Richmond Circuit CourtLocal RulesSuggested Practices

Note: Fairfax Local Rules may be purchased from the Court, of course Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig has a copy at both of its Northern Virginia Offices. Call or email anytime to talk to a partner about how we can help quickly and efficiently.  Reach out directly to one of the partners below or call 800-747-9354 for our national switchboard, or email 

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