Founded by US Army veterans who apply an “in the trenches” flat hierarchy approach to the practice of law, this allows our clients to only pay for lawyers who produce a real work product.


Our national security practice provides multi-disciplinary legal and strategy support for clients with business interests in national security and government programs, including cross-border M&A, government contracts, international trade, and industrial security.  Leveraging Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s related expertise, our team of experienced national security attorneys help clients achieve their objectives, manage risk, and comply with both domestic and international regulatory requirements—all in a cost-effective and efficient way.

With close to thirty years of experience in national security issues, our lead national security partners have experience in the CIA, NSA, Department of Defense, and Interagency national security strategy, policy, and legal processes.  They were responsible for cybersecurity, classified contracts, counter-terrorism programs, special warfare and all forms of intelligence operations, national security-related civil and criminal litigation, and all legal advice and services to the leadership and personnel of the CIA.   Our teams are frequent speakers and authors on intelligence law and classified litigation, security and technology, insider threat mitigation and privacy policy.


Our team, at all levels, will deliver the highest degree of service with an efficiency that translates to lower legal bills and better outcomes.  This balanced approach allows our firm to successfully compete – and win – against elite boutique law firms and big brand-name law firms while offering the best value and results for our clients.


  • Transactional Advice and Business Risk Assessment
  • Government contracts and classified litigation
  • Data, privacy, and cybersecurity
  • Industrial security (personnel, facilities)
  • Insider threat (policy, compliance, and tech solutions – partners)
  • Trade and export controls (ITAR ad EAR)
  • Ethics and Compliance
  • CFIUS reviews