New Local Rules for the Federal District Court Eastern District of Virginia

By Thomas Dunlap

The Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia has recently (today – October 16, 2018), amended a number of its local rules.  These amendments will take effect on December 1, 2018.  The most important substantive amendments to the EDVA local rules involve:

  1. Jury Instructions (Local Civil Rule 51 and Local Criminal Rule 30) increasing the notice required for time to file from 5 days before the trial to 7 days; and
  2. Bill of Costs (Local Civil Rule 54) increasing the time period for filing or objecting to a bill of costs on appeal from 11 to 14 days; and
  3. Organizational Victim (Local Criminal Rule 12.4) requiring the government to file a statement identifying the organizational victim of a crime

There are minor changes to Local Civil Rules 3, removing the word “stamped”, and 62, (finally changing the words “supersedeas bond” to “appeal bond”), and to Local Criminal Rule 49 regarding the handling of documents under seal.  I have posted the entirety of the highlighted changes below.  Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig partners have been practicing the EDVA courts in Alexandria, Richmond, and Norfolk for 20 to forty years and know the courts, the judges and the ins and outs of the Rocket Docket.  With three former prosecutors and more than seventy lawyers nationwide, you can count on our Vienna, Leesburg, and Richmond teams as local or lead counsel in the Federal District Court in the Eastern District of Virginia.  Feel free to email me if you need a hand.  – Tom (

For a detailed summary of local rules, list of judges, and some detailed practical advice about handing motions, hearings, and cases in the EDVA, please see our Local Counsel Resources Page (click here).

Links to Full Text of Changes to EDVA Local Civil Rules (Federal District Courts for Alexandria, Richmond, Norfolk & Newport News):

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