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Raising Money: Regulation D and Private Placements

By: Ron Diaz  [5/23/22] Many start-up founders and entrepreneurs, need to raise money for their new ventures. Typically, you would raise money through the sale...

23 May, 2022

Civil Procedure: The Forum Defendant Rule

By: Timothy Kittle  [5/20/22] Can a Lawsuit Filed With the Intent to Remain in State Court Actually Avoid Removal? In December 2021, our office (DBL...

20 May, 2022

You moved to Texas, but did your business move too? Converting a Foreign Entity into a Texas Entity

By: Adam Villanueva  [5/19/22] After the close of the Covid-19 pandemic shutdowns, domestic migration to the State of Texas soared to new heights not seen...

19 May, 2022