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Tulsa, the second most populous city in the state of Oklahoma, is known for a number of things: its fine examples of art deco architecture, The Philbrook Museum of Art, located in an Italian-styled villa that was once the home of an oil magnate, and the Woody Guthrie Center, a museum built as a tribute to the great American folk musician-singer-songwriter. Tulsa is also home to one of the 17 national and international offices of Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig. This expansive law practice offers a remarkable array of personalized legal services to individuals, small to mid-sized business owners, sovereign governments and Fortune 500 companies. To a certain extent, as one might expect, the services available vary from one Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig location to another. Known for their individual talents, our attorneys (numbering over 70) have diverse backgrounds but share a commitment to represent their clients with skill, attention to detail, knowledge, and integrity.

In Tulsa, our lead attorney is David Keesling, who is also a partner in the firm.

Like all of the attorneys of Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, whether they are serving in Wilmington, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Vienna, New York City, Toronto, Vienna, or one of our other offices, David and his team have specialized knowledge and experience that make him a tremendous asset to our firm as well as to the clients they serve.

We count among our legal team not only well-trained, experienced lawyers, but business owners, MBAs, patent holders, and aerospace engineers. At our Tulsa office, our legal services revolve around Business, Litigation, Brewery and Winery Services, Aviation, Government Contracts, Estate Planning and Real Estate. David, in addition to his substantial knowledge in these areas, has the ability, as do all of our talented attorneys, to call upon his colleagues in our other U.S. and foreign offices for specific points of information. Just as their areas of proficiency are invaluable to him, his areas of insight are invaluable to them.

Services Available at Our Tulsa Offices

Our Tulsa attorneys, who have 30 years of combined legal experience, provide a variety of legal services for the community.


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At all of our offices, there is an atmosphere of dedicated support. We advocate vigorously for our clients and have been told that they feel that sense of protection and empowerment as soon as they enter. What sets us apart from other law practices is that we manage to combine reassuring stability with aggressive litigation tactics. We always treat our clients with respect and warmth, saving our adversarial strategies for the courtroom.

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