What should I do if I receive an item off Etsy that is not as described?

Etsy is an innovative website that allows the sellers of handmade, vintage, or craft items to sell their items to people across the world. While most Etsy sellers receive prompt payment for their items, and most buyers will be satisfied with their purchases, on occasion a dispute concerning an item may arise. Etsy buyers will at times not receive an item they paid for or might receive an item that is not as described by the seller. Our civil litigation lawyers at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig PLLC explore how you can resolve your Etsy dispute below.

Contacting the Seller

If an item you purchased off Etsy has not yet arrived or you received the item and it is not as described, your first step is to contact the seller directly. Etsy has an easy online platform that allows you to message the seller from your account. Be sure to reference your order number and succinctly explain the problem.
Etsy is set up so that each individual shop has its own policies. Usually, the seller will resolve any issues that you have with the purchase. However, if the seller does not respond or you are not satisfied with the seller’s response, you still have several options to resolve the dispute.

Filing a Chargeback with Your Credit Card Company

One potential course of action you can take is to contact your credit card company or bank and contest the charge. You will most often need to sign a form explaining your dispute. The bank or credit card company will then investigate the matter and either issue you a refund or close the dispute if it finds the charge is valid.

Opening an Etsy Case

Buyers can alternatively open a case with Etsy to resolve the matter. You have a limited time within which to open a case, with time limits varying depending on the item’s processing times and the shop’s individual policies. You will accordingly want to act fast.

Buyers can open either a non-delivery case or an item not as described case. The seller will be required to respond to your case with either proof of shipment or evidence that the item met seller specifications. If the seller does not respond, you can then escalate the case through Etsy Dispute Resolution. Etsy can also issue a refund on the seller’s behalf. Most buyers will successfully be able to resolve their dispute through one of the available dispute resolution methods, but those who need additional help involving a large item purchase could consider consulting with an attorney.

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