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Profit is the single most important goal of business. At the law firm of Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, we realize that. We embrace and respect that goal as we seek legal solutions for our business clients. Whether you are involved in or anticipate a legal dispute, need intellectual property protection, or seek a government contract, the experienced business attorneys at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig are here to serve you. From start-ups and sole proprietorships to multinational corporations, our clients receive consistent, high-quality advice, service, and legal representation that is both legally effective and cost-effective. Contact an experienced Richmond business lawyer with Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig about any or all of your business-related legal needs.


We handle almost every conceivable business-related legal matter: trademark and patent litigation, business disputes, government contracts, U.S. and international IP patents, trademarks, copyrights, and more. Our clients include small and medium-sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies, sovereign governments, and individuals with business concerns. Our attorneys bring the experience of their diverse backgrounds – in science, engineering, government, and business – and put that experience to work for our clients. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig provides flexibility, creative solutions, and affordable fees. We are ready to work for you.


In today’s aggressively competitive business environment, few concerns are more important than the protection of your intellectual properties. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig understands that intellectual property protection is an absolute must. We use the newest, most secure methods to file U.S. and international trademark, patent, and copyright applications for our clients. From trademark and patent clearance searches to representing you in court if necessary, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig diligently defends the IP rights and interests of our clients. We ensure that your intellectual property receives the maximum legal protection.


Any time a business dispute explodes into a trial, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig will bring the case to its best possible resolution while aggressively safeguarding your legal rights at every stage of the procedure. Litigation has been an integral part of Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig since we began representing clients back in 2001. We have the experience, record, and reputation that every client needs. If you are sued or if you are investigated or cited by the government – or expect to be – call an experienced Richmond business lawyer with Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig immediately, and don’t hesitate to also contact us regarding your routine, ongoing legal needs.


Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s business attorneys offer experience, knowledge, and a commitment to provide dependable and high-quality legal services. We predominantly represent businesses, but we also work on behalf of governments, government agencies, and individuals. Clients rely on our experienced business lawyers for their ongoing legal needs the protection of their business interests. Companies businesses in the Richmond area face a variety of legal issues almost daily, so they need attorneys who offer genuine value and reliable service. Contact us about your business and corporate legal needs.


Government contracts are a particular focus of Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig. We know government contracts. One-time government lawyers who’ve handled government contracts in the past are part of the Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig team, and our firm is itself a government contractor. When your business seeks a government contract, you need to work with lawyers who appreciate and understand your goals, who know how government operates, and who can help you sidestep the risks and difficulties tied to winning and fulfilling a government contract. Contact Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig before you pursue a contract or at any stage of your work for the government.


It’s never too early to plan for tomorrow – especially when you own a business. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s experienced estate planning attorneys work to ensure that clients fully understand the entire range of their estate planning options. Estate planning can be a simple will or power of attorney for some clients; for others, it means establishing trusts and drafting detailed financial documents. The estate planning lawyers at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig are always available to answer clients’ questions and address their estate planning concerns. Don’t wait – make the call promptly to an experienced Richmond estate planning lawyer at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig. We provide comprehensive estate planning and estate administration services.


Let an experienced Richmond real estate lawyer with Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig offer you the real estate services and solutions you need. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s real estate attorneys have handled real estate matters for businesses of all sizes, governments and government agencies, and individuals. We make sure the transactions involving our clients are fully compliant and that your long-term interests are fully protected. We handle commercial and residential real estate transactions and disputes, leasing matters, and any real estate issue or dispute that affects you and your business. We also offer legal advice and insights regarding construction, land use, and zoning issues.


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