Life sciences companies – so often on the cutting edge of scientific advances and research in medicine, nutrition, and related fields – need to partner with a law firm where the attorneys are experts in science and business as well as law. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig has built the team that understands the legal issues facing life sciences companies. We offer sound legal advice, expert scientific and business knowledge, and when it’s needed, aggressive courtroom representation. We proactively help our life sciences clients take advantage of their opportunities and minimize their risk.

We Protect Your Interests

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s Washington DC life sciences lawyer team has strong backgrounds in biotechnology, life sciences, and related disciplines. They can quickly understand a company’s concerns in order to provide sound advice regarding corporate law, licensing, regulatory matters, and intellectual property concerns. Decades of combined legal experience help us to protect the interests of life sciences companies who may be dealing with issues including patents, product liability, employment law, and FDA-related concerns.

We Are Dedicated To Finding Solutions

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig understands the challenges and needs that life sciences companies confront: regulatory demands, financial demands, research pressures, business requirements, and security challenges. The life sciences attorneys at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig are dedicated to providing our clients with practical legal strategies, effective long-term solutions, and flexible fees. We understand biotechnology and the life sciences industry; we diligently protect the rights of our life sciences clients while we work aggressively to advance their long-term interests.

Biotech is a field like no other; every person’s quality of life is improved by the work of life sciences companies. If you need a team of sharp, skilled attorneys who will put their diverse backgrounds and decades of legal experience to work for you, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is here to serve and protect you and your business. Speak with a Washington DC life sciences lawyer today. Call 800-747-9354 or email: