Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a powerful tool for helping businesses reorganize their finances so that they can emerge strengthened and well-positioned to flourish in the years ahead. Any business, large or small, can find itself the victim of unfortunate financial circumstances. How the leadership of that business chooses to react to a difficult debt situation can determine the future viability of the enterprise.

To gain the maximum benefit from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a business owner should choose wisely when selecting an attorney to help guide his or her business through the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig bankruptcy lawyers have represented large and small businesses–from commercial property developers to newspapers and churches–in bankruptcy reorganizations and liquidations. If your business is interested in exploring the option of a Chapter 11 reorganization, we have a Washington DC bankruptcy lawyer team that specialize in representing business interests in complex bankruptcy proceedings.

For companies that are struggling, it is important to understand that early planning is the best medicine. Our attorneys take a flexible approach to reorganization, simultaneously seeking workouts outside of the bankruptcy system, while also planning a bankruptcy strategy should your business’ creditors be unwilling to work with you to effect a positive change for your business. But the most successful reorganizations are usually those that have had strategies planned well in advance of an actual default. If your business is struggling, please contact our attorneys for a consultation to discuss the reorganization options for your business.

We have an impressive and proven track record of successfully representing creditors and business debtors in a number of Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. We diligently strive to represent each of our clients in the most cost-effective manner possible. As a boutique firm with lawyers from top twenty schools and pedigree resumes, we provide our clients with large firm expertise and service at economical rates.