In the 21st century, software, computers, and the Internet are a daily part almost every person’s life. Government, business, universities and schools, healthcare, and the military expect and count on quality software, safe and secure computers, and a stable and reliable Internet. Yet laws governing the Internet, software protection, and open source code are all relatively new and are still emerging. Only the lawyers who personally stay up-to-date can offer the representation and legal services you need, so if your business is related to computer or internet technology, don’t hesitate to contact Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig.


The Washington DC IT contracts lawyer team at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig includes lawyers from technology, engineering, business, and other private-sector backgrounds. They understand software and the Internet, and they know how imperative comprehensive legal protection and sound legal advice is for every client. We represent a variety of clients in e-commerce disputes, online trademark and copyright infringement issues, and related legal matters. The Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig legal team brings a unique perspective and exceptional experience to the dispute resolution process, and we represent our clients skillfully, tenaciously, and in the most cost-effective manner possible. We represent business clients in Washington D.C, across the United States, and around the world.


We know the computer and software industry and its needs. In addition to our IP experience, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s attorneys handle a variety of legal matters involving privacy issues, content development, licensing, distribution, IT outsourcing, and open source code and source code protection. Software development is a field like no other, and in today’s world, every person’s life is improved by skilled and innovative software developers and companies. If you need a team of sharp, skilled business attorneys who will put their diverse backgrounds and decades of legal experience to work for you, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is here to serve and protect you and your business. Speak with a Washington DC IT contracts lawyer today. Call 800-747-9354 or email: