Raising Capital

When clients need help raising capital for their businesses, they value the breadth of support at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig. We have the expertise to guide businesses through the complex web of laws that govern private investments so that they can obtain the capital they need within the confines of the law. Whether the company is a start-up or a more mature business seeking investment capital to fuel expansion, our experienced corporate attorneys work closely with clients to explore viable private financing options and arrive at a deal structure that will best serve their needs, goals, and objectives.

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig has helped businesses across virtually every industry obtain the funding needed to help launch them on a trajectory toward success. Examples of recent transactions we have helped clients close range across a wide variety of industries and deal structures.

Biotech Start-Up:

  • $3.2M raised in the initial financing round, private placement offering of limited liability partnership interests
  • $1M raised in 2nd financing round sale of equity.

Television Producer: $1.8M raised to create a pilot and initial episodes of a television program to be offered for sale to networks.

Brewery/Distillery Start-Ups:

  • $1.4M raised to pursuant to the private offering of LLC membership interests to establish a brewery in the Northern Virginia region; Institutional debt instruments involved for equipment financing.
  • $3M private placement offering to raise funds to establish the first distillery in Loudoun Co. VA since Prohibition.
  • $2M of LLC interests sold to investors to enable founders to establish a brewery that is currently undertaking further expansion plans.
  • $400K of membership interests sold to investors pursuant to an equity purchase agreement; Various other debt transactions involved.

International Hedge Fund: Established a hedge fund with unlimited capital raise potential to pursue alternative investment opportunities in the U.S. and overseas.

Global Real Estate Investment Fund: $5M private placement offering of limited partnership interests to invest in real estate development opportunities in Dubai.

Movie Production Company: $2.5M private placement offering of LLC interests to fund the production of an independent feature film.

Investing in the legal resources to structure an investment deal properly from the start can pay tremendous dividends down the road when the stakes are high. We structure, negotiate and draft the documents needed to legally allow private investment in start-ups and established businesses, including assistance with:

  • Term Sheets
  • Convertible notes
  • Venture capital funding
  • Strategic partner investments
  • Securities law compliance
  • Regulation D (Rule 504, 505, 506)
  • Private placement memoranda
  • Blue sky compliance
  • Stock purchase agreements
  • Subscription agreements
  • Preferred stock (Series A, B, etc.)
  • Investor rights’ agreements
  • Founders Agreements
  • Due diligence implementation
  • Bridge, seed, and angel funding

For more information on Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s approach and how they can help your business raise capital, contact our Client Services team at 800-747-9354 to schedule a consultation.