Our team works with clients to draft and review employment agreements and policies. We also perform audits to assist our clients in terms of regulatory and legal compliance. We often draft, review and modify our clients’ employment agreements, policies, handbooks and other contracts related to their business. We also regularly conduct due diligence in the context of a business sale or acquisition.

Our clients often ask us to assess the state of their workplace and compliance related to it. Our team has created and implemented comprehensive and general practices audits to ensure that our clients meet all regulatory requirements. Our audits are designed to mitigate our clients’ risk and to ensure that our clients provide employees with a solid compliant work environment. In the event of an agency audit or litigation related to such an audit, our team will work with clients and the agency to mitigate the situation. Many of our attorneys are former government attorneys, so our team is uniquely qualified to work with government officials to resolve any dispute that arises related to compliance.

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