Mr. Dunlap has military experience. As a member of any branch of the United States military, you are held to a high standard of conduct. While this high standard of conduct comes with many benefits, it goes without saying that it is extremely troubling and difficult when you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having been charged with a crime. When you or a loved one is charged criminally your career and very liberty are at stake. If you would prefer to be represented by a military defense attorney team who have actually served in the military and have experience with courts-martial and other military legal proceedings, our firm may very well be the sound choice for you as you confront the challenges ahead.

Receive high-quality military defense services from our experienced military lawyers based in our nation’s capital. As a provider of military defense services, we work tirelessly to defend our clients’ interests. We understand what it takes to mount a successful defense in the face of overly aggressive military prosecutors. Our team of military defense attorneys has extensive experience in handling complex cases from investigation through trial and appeal. Our defense group is comprised of former federal, state and military prosecutors. Our attorneys’ broad experience as former prosecutors allows our firm to represent clients effectively.

After having practiced law for approximately a year, Tom Dunlap made the decision to serve his country. He enlisted in the Army and immediately attended basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia. Tom later graduated from the Army OCS, and until May of 2009, Tom was a Captain in the Virginia Army National Guard. He served as Recon Scout Platoon Leader, and XO for A Troop, 1-158th CAV(RECON), and served as the aide de camp to the Commanding General, 29th Infantry Division and as the Commander of HHC, 116th BSTB Infantry (demolitions qualified, expert qualified M-9 pistol & M-16).

As a military law attorney, Ellis L. Bennett is a former JAG major and former Special Assistant United States Attorney. Ellis was Honor Graduate of the 155th JAG Officer’s Basic Course, and continued to excel during his military career serving as a military prosecutor for several years before serving as a military defense attorney. Ellis has prosecuted and defended courts-martial around the world including Fort Benning, Georgia, Fort Stuart, Georgia, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, Fort Rucker, Alabama, Fort Belvoir, Virginia, and Fort Meade, Maryland. Ellis also successfully prosecuted several cases while serving as a Special Assistant United States Attorney for the Department of Justice at the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Military Representation vs. Civilian Representation

You are entitled to representation by a military lawyer at no cost to yourself. However, unfortunately many military lawyers are inexperienced. Moreover, military lawyers face the same struggles as you may face in serving your country such as pressures of command, heavy workloads, lack of resources and support staff, and budget constraints. These factors can inhibit the effectiveness of a military defense lawyer can have in your case, in turn potentially impacting your career and freedom in an adverse manner. Alternatively, our firm does not face those challenges. The attorneys of our firm, instead bring the full resources of our firm to assist with on your specific case. Our focused approach may well be the difference between a career ending conviction and an adverse discharge versus an outcome that allows you to continue to serve your country.

Contact Our Experienced Military Crime Lawyers to Discuss Your Case

If you have been charged with a crime, face court martial, face an administrative discharge, have learned that your security clearance may in jeopardy, or face some other sort of administrative action, it is important to speak to an experienced attorney immediately. Our military defense attorney team has the knowledge, experience, resources, and perhaps most importantly, the passion, to assist you in the most difficult of circumstances. We will explore every available legal avenue to ensure that you receive due process and achieve the best outcome possible.

Our goal is always to dispose of an investigation before charges are filed, and we implement practical strategies to achieve favorable results. Work with lawyers that can put their experience to use for you.