Government Contracts Litigation Lawyers

Our government contracts litigation lawyers have helped government contractors in a variety of disputes. Whether it is a dispute with a contracting officer, agency, another contractor, or an employee, our group of highly qualified government contracts litigation attorneys based in Tysons Corner, Virginia, can help you and your business resolve a dispute through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.   We are uniquely qualified with a team of former “insiders,” government lawyers who have worked as procurement officers, prosecutors, or litigators for the various government agencies, who now turn their knowledge, skill, and experience to the benefit of your clients.

Recent litigation (non-protest) cases include the following (for recent bid protest cases, please visit our bid protests page):

  • Successfully represented defense contractor in UN Arbitration (UNCITRAL) in payment dispute located in African defense manning contract.
  • Assisted U.S. construction contractor to US Air Force in negotiation REA (request for equitable adjustment) on multiple ongoing construction projects located in Japan.
  • Defended government contractor accused of an alleged breach of third party non-compete agreement (Fairfax).

For more information on our specific work, see our related practice pages.  contact one of our team leads for help with a government contracts dispute.