Companies pursuing government contracts need experienced attorneys who know what it takes to understand the complex world of bid protests. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s attorneys include former government contracting officers (chief of CENTCOM contracts US Army and a county attorney for state and Federal procurement), government lawyers (NSA, US Army, US Marines) and private practice lawyers who have advised government contractors and those seeking government contracts on everything from the viability of a protest to the inner workings of various agency processes. We have handled bid protests both large and small from small competitive bids, to $485 million IDIQ and GWACs.

The number of bid protests filed at the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and the Government Accountability Office (GAO) is steadily increasing. One reason for the increase is that more bid protesters are prevailing, making a bid protest now a more feasible option for rejected bidders. In 2017 DBL prevailed on a protest in favor our client with the Army Corps of Engineers (IT competitive bid).

Sound Advice, Aggressive Advocacy

The government contracts bid protest lawyers at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig can counsel you regarding the advisability of a bid protest. Sometimes, after the debrief, lodging a protest is not in the client’s best interests or even economically sensible. In other instances, even when the basis for the protest was less favorable, we have filed strategic protests with a firm basis for the protest, resulting in a tremendous financial benefit for our client. We work with client’s to make this kind of determination. If, after considering all of the various factors involved you choose to protest an award we can advocate aggressively on your behalf. Our government contract attorneys have brought and defended a variety of both state bid protests and federal bid protests for a wide range of clients. We also defend our clients in bid protests involving state, city, and regional governmental agencies throughout the United States.

We Protect And Advance Your Interests

A bid protest must be filed as quickly as possible. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) bid protest deadline is found in Section 21.2 of the GAO’s regulations “not later than 10 days after the basis of protest is known or should have been known”. That means you have literally only days to make a bid protest decision and to settle on a bid protest strategy. It is almost always advisable to attend the debrief, which, in most cases can extend the protest deadline and provide vital information about the award. There are a whole host of reasons to protest. Understanding the available avenues and the right basis for a protest in a particular case is a fact-intensive knowledge-based exercise.

Don’t hesitate to consult immediately with the expert bid protest lawyers at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig. Our government contract attorneys are familiar with all aspects of bidding for, obtaining, and maintaining government contracts and pursuing bid protests, whether it is a Contracting Officer Protest, Agency Protest, or Government Accountability Office (GAO) Protest.

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