Our Government Contracts & Regulatory Affairs team has brought and defended a variety of pre- and post-award federal and state bid protests, including Small Business Administration protests for a wide range of government contractors.

Companies pursuing government contracts need experienced attorneys who understand the complex world of bid protests. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s attorneys include former government contracting officers (chief of CENTCOM contracts US Army and a county attorney for state and federal procurement), government lawyers (NSA, US Army, US Marines) and private practice lawyers. Our team has advised government contractors and those seeking government contracts on all stages of a bid protest, including counseling clients on interpreting requirements of a solicitation. Additionally, we have expertise with submitting questions to an agency regarding the solicitation, handling a notice of award, requesting a debriefing and submitting questions, counseling on protest filing timelines, analyzing protest viability, and explaining the protest process and expectations.

Sound Advice, Aggressive Advocacy

The government contracts bid protest lawyers at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig can counsel you regarding the advisability of a bid protest. Sometimes, after the debrief, lodging a protest is not in the client’s best interests, may not be economically sensible, or may not make sense to file based on other business considerations. In other instances, even when the basis for the protest was less favorable, we have filed strategic protests. We work with clients to make the determination that is most favorable to the client’s goals and advocate aggressively on your behalf. Our government contract attorneys have brought and defended a variety of pre- and post-award state bid protests and federal bid protests. We also have defended awards to our clients in bid protests brought by unsuccessful offerors. In those instances, we work closely with agency counsel to defend the award.

We Protect and Advance Your Interests

Typically bid protests must be filed on an abbreviated timeline. The deadlines vary based on numerous factors, such as the forum where the protest is filed, the type of protest (e.g., pre- or post-award), the date of a debriefing, and the date on which the client first learned the information forming the basis of the protest grounds, In some instances, that could mean a day or two to analyze the protest issues, creating a strategy for protest filing, and writing the protest. There are many reasons to protest or not. Understanding those reasons is a fact-intensive knowledge-based exercise specific to each unique set of circumstances.

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