Even the most experienced litigators can often find themselves at a loss when a business client falls on hard times and is interested in a reorganization, or when someone that owes money to a client seeks bankruptcy protection. From the nuances of Title 11 (the “Bankruptcy Code”) to the specialized rules and procedures of bankruptcy court, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s Washington DC insolvency lawyers have represented small and large businesses across a wide variety of sectors in enforcing and defending all various rights in insolvency proceedings.

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig attorneys have represented businesses both large and small – from commercial property developers to newspapers and churches – in bankruptcy reorganizations and liquidations. If your business is interested in exploring the option of a Chapter 11 reorganization, we have attorneys who specialize in representing business interests in complex bankruptcy proceedings.

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s attorneys have also represented large and small businesses and individuals – from real estate managers and construction suppliers to other attorneys – in bankruptcy creditor actions. Whether you or your business is accused of receiving a preferential transfer or violating the automatic stay, or if one of your customers is seeking a Chapter 7 liquidation and a discharge of the debts that are owed to your business, we have attorneys who specialize in representing creditor interests in complex bankruptcy proceedings.

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig has an impressive and proven track record of successfully representing creditors and business debtors in a number of complex cases. We diligently strive to represent all of our clients in the most cost-effective manner possible. As a boutique firm with lawyers from top twenty schools and pedigree resumes, we provide our clients with reliable and trustworthy large firm expertise and high-quality legal service at economical rates. Read more about our insolvency lawyers representation by clicking the links above.