DBL lawyers provide solid legal advice in the world where the left-brained artist often dominates the conversation. Brilliant social media initiatives or new marketing practice carry risks which we can help our clients navigate. From false advertising claims to infringement and defamation we can not only handle clearance and contracts, but litigation and dispute resolution.

A network of federal and state regulations govern commercial speech and promotion of products which can vary from market to market and sometimes include regulatory bodies in the advertising space that clients have not considered, such as the FDA regulations or the limitations on use of “Made in America”. We have researched and given advice on these subjects for decades helping our clients mark items, communicate with the public and successfully sell their services and products in the face of changing technologies and regulations.

We can help evaluate products claims, review sweepstakes and similar offerings and make sure clients don’t afoul of the wrong agency. Look to us for clear, efficient, and effective legal advice.

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