Experienced Local Counsel for Patent Infringement Cases

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in TC Heartland v. Kraft Foods Group Brands, which sharply limits where patent infringement lawsuits may be filed, it is now critical for businesses and their law firms to secure local counsel in the State of Delaware.

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig offers an experienced team of dedicated Delaware-based attorneys who are committed to your patent infringement case needs.

The New Venue Challenge

The new court ruling effectively bars many patent owners from suing in the Eastern District of Texas (EDTX) court, which, due to a favorable history for patent holder, has traditionally seen a significant percentage of patent infringement cases every year. Instead, lawsuits must now be filed in the state where the defendant is incorporated. For many businesses, that state is the State of Delaware, which is now poised to be the next EDTX.

Your Local Advantage

Backed by four patent preliminary injunction wins, major Federal Circuit victories and a host of Federal District Court cases in the last two years alone and a team of veteran patent infringement litigation attorneys, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is fully prepared to meet your needs – whether you need to defend a patent infringement claim or pursue a Delaware-based company for infringement. Simply put, we offer an unparalleled combination of services, rates, and local experience to handle your patent infringement case in Delaware Federal Court.

In addition to patent infringement litigation and local counsel services for other attorneys in the Delaware Federal Court, our comprehensive Intellectual Property Portfolio Management services include:

  • Patent, trademark, and copyright filing and prosecution
  • Intellectual property licensing, rights management, and infringement monitoring
  • Distribution and manufacturing agreements
  • Dispute and litigation matters including cease and desist campaigns and defense, importation monitoring, and infringement litigation and defense
  • International IP prosecution and litigation before both the World Intellectual Property Organization and foreign IP offices

What Sets Us Apart

  • Proven Local Experience– With a local office in the state of Delaware staffed by lawyers with deep experience with patent cases and Federal court, including three wins on preliminary injunctions in the last two years in major multi-district patent cases.
  • Lower Costs– Our fees are very often significantly more reasonable than any other local firm. Further, we offer even lower hourly rates for local-counsel only work.
  • Lower Chance of Conflicts of Interest– Unlike most other firms, we don’t handle major corporate work in Delaware and, as a result, will not have existing conflicts of interest that would prevent us from managing your patent infringement cases.

Key Successes

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