We have worked for and against Internet service providers (ISPs), internet security firms, cloud-based SaaS companies, application service providers, A/V web streaming companies, and both hardware and software developers in both private industry and the government space. Among a huge host of agreement in this space we have prepare e-commerce and web agreements weekly such as

  • Web-wrap and click through agreements
  • Web Terms of Service and Terms of Use Agreements
  • Business, teaming, and partnering agreements
  • Software licenses (and corresponding copyrights of source code)
  • Website development agreements
  • Privacy policies
  • Advertising order agreements
  • Web hosting agreements
  • Ensuring Web Advertising Compliance

Whether it is compliance with privacy rules, statutes like the TCPA of CalOPPA, the CCPA, the FTC or a private joint venture or a dispute on any of these subject matters – we make your legal experience less taxing. By understanding agile development, how software teams work, knowing the difference between APEX and Node.js and Angular, you don’t have to explain the underlying basics of technology. Very few firms can offer this level of technical know how alongside a national practice with highly experienced lawyers with decades of legal experience in both transactions and litigation.

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