Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s attorneys support ecommerce marketplace sellers and businesses with a social media presence on numerous unique issues that arise in those unique spaces. We have an in-depth understanding of the issues consumer products and ecommerce companies face online, including distributor and vendor contracts, product distribution, licensing, employment and contracting, copyright and design protection and enforcement, data security and privacy compliance issues, disputes with other vendors and with the platforms themselves, disparaging comments, competitor account hacking, and relationships with social media marketers. While the law is supposed to apply the same in the context of online marketplaces and social media as it applies in the brick-and-mortar world, those experienced with these platforms know that the virtual monopoly held by critical ecommerce marketplaces and social media companies has resulted in an often-unfair space for disputes, where justice does not always prevail, gamesmanship and manipulation is prevalent, and business-critical complaints are processed by customer service chatbots. We have been working through such disputes since the early days of online marketplaces and social media platforms and have the practical knowledge and experience to help.

Representative Matters

  • Fake product listing takedowns
  • Knockoff products from overseas
  • Pirated website and listing content
  • Infringing social media pages
  • Marketplace patent, trademark, and copyright enforcement
  • Responses to bad faith takedown notices
  • Negative comments posted by competitors
  • Drop-shipping and reseller disputes
  • Seizure of infringing goods in marketplace warehouses and related sales proceeds
  • eBook infringement allegations
  • Terms of service violations and account suspension
  • Defamatory and disparaging social media posts

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