Whether you are responsible for flying an airplane, providing proper maintenance or manufacturing aircraft parts, you will likely require legal assistance at some point. The vast arena of aviation law is far too complicated for ordinary industry members to tackle on their own; even simple legal issues require the assistance of a vetted national Washington DC aviation lawyer. Your best bet for obtaining such assistance is to contact Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig PLLC. Whether you require an extra set of eyes for a contract or advice regarding Federal Aviation Administration registration as a part 91 operation, part 135 or need assistance with an FAA enforcement action, you can count on this reliable law firm to guide you through the murky world of aviation law. We have helped pilots, manufacturers, MRO’s, FBOs, local and national air carriers and a host of industry related clients with every aviation matter imaginable. Experience in aviation counts.

When National Aviation Law Attorneys Are Necessary

The aviation industry is, by necessity, quite complex. Pilots, aircraft owners, service providers (MRO, FBO etc.), crew members and manufacturers all struggle to understand the vast jumble of confusing laws and regulations. Although these are in place to ensure passengers’ continued safety, their inherently complex nature can make full compliance difficult to achieve. Any time a legal issue related to aviation arises, access to national aviation law attorneys can prove quite valuable.

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig PLLC is well-equipped to deal with a wide array of cases related to aviation. Tom Dunlap, the firm’s aviation specialist, enjoys offering counsel on such matters as aircraft management, aviation staffing, airport counter leasing, Federal Aviation Administration registration, ground handling and more. Tom Dunlap’s extensive understanding of the aviation industry as a pilot, aircraft owner and as an airport commissioner in charge of airport operations for the Washington DC metro areas largest regional feeder airport, combined with his open communication style, enable him to provide quick resolutions to seemingly impossible aviation cases. Tom has also served as an AOPA panel attorney for more than ten years and has lectured across the country on various aviation issues including manufacturing (at MARPA conferences) and enforcement.

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig PLLC: A Rich History In Aviation

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig PLLC was founded by former U.S. Army officers in 2001. Since then, the firm has again and again proven itself to be an international leader in aviation law. Tom Dunlap’s extensive history in aviation law is particularly impressive; not only is he a licensed instrument pilot, but he also serves as an Airport Commissioner in Washington D.C. This role allows him to remain up to date in a constantly changing industry. In addition to sharing his thorough understanding of aviation law at a variety of professional conferences, Tom Dunlap is happy to apply this immense knowledge directly to the unique cases pursued at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig PLLC.

Aviation law can be immensely confusing, even when you’re trying to accomplish something as seemingly simple as registration through the FAA. Given the complex nature of this practice area, it can be easy for an unqualified individual to make a misstep. Unfortunately, a simple mistake could result in a catastrophe. The best form of prevention involves a consultation with an aviation leader, call or email one of our Aviation team leads listed below. Your aviation case will rest in safe hands when you work with Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig PLLC.