While each lawsuit presents its own particular challenges, in today’s business climate class action lawsuits and other multi-claimant proceedings present unique challenges. These types of cases tend to present the greatest litigation risk to businesses and employers.

As an initial matter, when handling multi-claimant litigation our attorneys immediately begin with an in-depth assessment of the claims, including an analysis of what our client should expect the impact of the litigation to be on its business operations. At the same time that we evaluate the potential class size and client exposure, we simultaneously work with our client to prepare a customized litigation strategy plan that includes an analysis of such legal issues as whether the class action mechanism is an appropriate vehicle for the joinder of the claims presented and whether state or federal law governs the case. From the outset, we conduct a thorough factual and legal investigation of the claims. We may also interview potential class members, and secure the services of experts necessary to defend the claims. We also evaluate potential settlement opportunities, and pursue alternative dispute resolution as appropriate. Perhaps most importantly, when a class action case must be taken to trial, our firm’s attorneys, many of whom are former federal and state prosecutors with vast trial experience, are ready and able to try the case.