Experienced Class Action Attorneys

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig achieves substantial class action results for the consumers we represent and have achieved millions of dollars in settlements from the world’s largest and most powerful corporations.

DBL is a leader in consumer-protection litigation. In a world of frivolous lawsuits, the consumer rights litigation conducted by DBL stands as an example of what class actions can accomplish – meaningful change and just compensation. DBL takes cases across the full spectrum of deceptive, unfair and fraudulent business practices often used by large corporations.

It is the voiceless consumers that often suffer the worst of corporate wrongdoing and have little power to hold companies responsible for their behavior.

We pursue class-action litigation to challenge fraudulent practices that individual consumers alone cannot effectively dispute.

What is a Class-Action Lawsuit and How Does it Work?

A class action lawsuit is a civil lawsuit brought on behalf of a group of people or business entities who have suffered common injuries as a result of a corporation’s conduct, with at least one individual or entity acting as a representative of that group. While the issues of a class action can vary, the issues in dispute are common to all class members.

Class actions can be brought in either state or federal court, depending on which has jurisdiction.

Why are class actions preferred?

Each litigant could bring their own action, so why join all the actions into one class-action lawsuit? Because it is often more practical for the plaintiff, the court, and the defendants to join the individual actions into one lawsuit.

Class actions can be more efficient. A class action means just one set of witnesses, one set of experts, one judge, one courtroom, and one set of issues. This efficiency makes it less expensive and easier for one law firm to handle one case than having one or more law firms try multiple cases.

Often a corporation will defraud many people of only a few dollars. A few dollars often does not justify the time and expense of many individuals to bring their own case.

One recovery also means all the victims get a fair distribution of the damages. When there are multiple lawsuits, the first few plaintiffs to win may get all the insurance proceeds or all the assets of the defendant leaving little or no money for those who win their cases later.

Class actions levels the playing field. Big corporations are better situated to financially defend just one claim. But when a law firm like DBL brings a class action on behalf of many claimants, then the contest becomes a fair dispute. A defendant corporation that has to defend multiple claims is not only more likely to settle the class action but is more likely to really change its deceptive and unfair practices.