Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s have represented large and small businesses and individuals–from real estate managers and construction suppliers to other attorneys–in bankruptcy creditor actions. Whether you or your business is accused of receiving a preferential transfer or violating the automatic stay, or if one of your customers is seeking a Chapter 7 liquidation and a complete discharge of the debts owed to your business, we have attorneys who specialize in representing creditor interests in complex bankruptcy proceedings.

If someone owes you money, and that party files bankruptcy, it is imperative to retain as quickly as possible to protect your legal rights or you may lose your claim forever. Business creditors who receive notice that one of their customers has filed for bankruptcy often “leave money on the table” by simply writing off the debt without taking the appropriate legal steps to protect their rights in the bankruptcy. Many bankruptcies do eventually result in payments to creditors, but creditors who do not file the necessary papers with the bankruptcy court before the applicable deadline can become permanently ineligible to receive such payments.