Real Estate Lawyer

At Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, our commercial and business real estate attorneys represent investors, lenders, developers, and commercial real estate companies in the financing, acquisition, development, sale, and leasing of commercial real estate properties. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s commercial real estate lawyers routinely handle matters including real estate contracts and other documents, real estate taxes, zoning, and land use regulation. We help with the structuring and negotiating of complicated commercial property transactions. If you are buying a commercial property or about to sell property – or if you are only considering it – speak as soon as possible with an experienced Washington, D.C. commercial real estate attorney.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

The commercial real estate lawyers at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig do more than simply “handle” commercial real estate transactions. We diligently strive to be patient and sensitive to our clients’ needs. We address all of your realty concerns, from inspections to lien checks to closings. Our work isn’t complete until you are comfortable and satisfied with the entire property sale and purchase process. Commercial real estate transactions, and especially closings, are exceedingly complicated procedures. Closings require meticulous attention to detail; we determine the possible risks as well as the advantages.

Unlike a real estate agent or a real estate agency, we are not paid by commission, so we are free to represent you with no conflict of interest. Without skilled and candid legal advice, you may expose yourself needlessly to serious financial risk. When you work with an experienced Washington, D.C. commercial real estate attorney at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, you’ll obtain not only top quality legal advice and services, but you’ll get what money can’t buy – peace of mind.

World-Class Legal Services

Every lawyer on the Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig team is guided by the core belief that clients need access to world-class legal services without busting the budget. Located in Washington, D.C., northern Virginia Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig serves clients locally and across the United States. Speak to a commercial real estate attorney about your commercial real estate transaction today. Call 800-747-9354 or email: