David Keesling and his powerhouse team of experts are intensely committed to win my fight against a goliath corporation. Not only are they devoted to the law and details; they are passionate, caring and conscientious of their clients’ needs. They have proven to me time and time again, that they are steadfast. The Keesling team is above and far beyond exceptional when measuring attorney client relations. I have met and interviewed many commercial litigators who would much rather avoid a courtroom confrontation. David Keesling is just the opposite; he is disciplined, meticulous and focused on moving my case to a Jury and the depth of his expertise, strength and commitment has become even more evident as the fight progresses. David is always prepared, calculated and maintains the upper hand against opposing counsel. To say I feel fortunate that I am working with David and the whole team at David Keesling is an understatement. My family has been given our hope and courage back and we are stronger now than we ever have been due to the incredible diligence, strategies and precision execution of David Keesling.

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