“I am the President of a newly organized company called, “The Institute for American Studies” (IFAS) based in Nashville, TN.  We teach classes on The US Constitution in a road-show format in various communities throughout the country.  We just began teaching in January 2020 and then the pandemic hit in March.  A combination of Beginners Luck and Murphy’s Law…along with the rest of the globe.

The purpose of this is to commend and thank one (1) of your colleagues/associates, Daniel Davis.  He did a stellar job in securing a trademark for IFAS.

We, via Daniel, applied for a trademark with the USPTO are were initially declined (rejected) based on the generic nature of the name, “Institute for American Studies.”  Pretty generic, I agree. Daniel basically said, “never fear, we’ll file an appeal and I feel fairly confident we can get the trademark.”  I did not share his confidence but did not voice my underlying concern at the time.  I thought to myself, “not going to happen.”

Lo and behold…we received the trademark on 9/15/20!  Success!  A victory/win in 2020!  (they’re so rare in 2020!) Daniel’s insight and approach with the appeal (he can tell you) resulted in a trademark. We cannot thank him enough.  He is KEY and CRITICAL to the success of this new business venture.  We are forever grateful.

I simply want you to be aware one of “your team” did a terrific job in helping us and we are beyond appreciative. Many thanks.”

Jim “X” Lucas

President, Institute for American Studies

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