Great Guidance Through Complicated Process

"Our attorney Linda Graham provided great guidance in somewhat of a complicated process. Due to the complexity of finding "The" one name in the trademark process, Linda was able to provide great input from her network on the direction we needed to take. Additionally, she went above and beyond on helping us obtain the necessary number of reports to be able to review our approval possibilities. Overall the experience was somewhat exhausting, but we finally got our trademarked logo and company name."


A Tremendous Experience with DBL

"Had a tremendous experience with DBL concerning the registration of my trademark, and the conversation/communication from Attorney Ron Diaz was absolutely exceptional, top-notch service and professionalism, really covered all the bases! I am very grateful for the help with what could be a very complicated trademark process, will def be referring your firm to anyone I can. Thanks again! - Chris"


Expert Patent Team

"Kudos to Kevin Repper. Mr. Repper assembled his team and expertly completed my patent application; which was approved within 11 months. Kevin promptly returned all my phone calls and provided superior customer service. All of my expectations were exceeded."


Due Diligence and Consistency

"I appreciate DBL Immigrations’  hard work and due diligence and consistency. The DBL Immigration Team explains the steps to each employee in plain speak and I have noticed that they are more patient and receptive. So thank you, DBL Immigration is making a difference here!"


Reassuring Professionalism

"Sasha and the Immigration team provided me with the help, guidance, and reassuring professionalism through the several stages of my case. Sasha is always quick turnaround, first time response. I am very satisfied with the service."


Thanking the Immigration Team

"I want to thank Sasha Lazerow and the Immigration team for their service. They do an excellent job, are always ready to my questions, concerns, and offer the best answers. Sasha makes herself available and accessible, answering every phone call and email regardless of how big or small my request is. Before I met Sasha, I was new to the H1B Transfer. Somehow Sasha and DBL team always find a way to help my VISA transfer, responding with a calm and affirmative solution. I truly fell that Sasha values and respects my requests. In the end I would like to thank you for all the hard work that Sasha and DBL Immigration did. I look forward to future opportunities to work with her and DBL Immigration again."


Spent the Time to Explain

"worked with Mr. George Hawkins. He provided a free consultation which I found rare in the NOVA area regarding pre-marital law. He spent the time to explain the process and the application of the document. He provided real-world examples which were valuable. You could not make a better decision to select Mr. Hawkins as your attorney."


Professional and Fast Service

"Very professional and fast service. They take their time to explain the process and step by step procedures. Thank you. Will come back for more services."


Held My Hand

"I was very pleased with the response of your firm. The lawyer held my hand and did his best for me. Always response to all questions. You guys were great."


Highly Professional, Knowledgeable, Ethical

"I had the pleasure of working with Attorney Kevin Repper of your firm. I found Mr. Repper to be highly professional, knowledgeable, and extremely ethical as he guided a process involving intellectual property expertise. He was efficient in handling every phase of this process, leading to a successful patent application. Thank you DBL for hiring attorneys of this caliber and thank you Kevin! GOD BLESS you all!"


Thoroughly Attentive to my Case

"I worked with George Hawkins to defend against a property suit. I found him to be thoroughly attentive to my case with clear communication. He kept me inside the decision process and ensured that I understood the ramifications of any action prior to making a decision. In the end, we went to court and the plaintiff's case was thrown out with prejudice."


Service Provided was Excellent

"We needed Trademark and name protection and the service provided was excellent. We are in a new industry and had already found one company trying to make a play on our name."


Competent, Professional, Integrity

"I have only had great experiences with Tom Dunlap and his legal team. Tom is an amazing guy in too many respects to list them. Competent, professional and integrity."


Made a Huge Difference in our Business

"I was very surprised by the professionalism, speed and good pricing for their services. They helped us with our trademark for ODNOVA and it made a huge difference for our business."


Will Use Again for Next Invention

"I recently had the great honor of working with Sumedha Bahri as my Patent Attorney. She was most helpful in getting me through the Provisional Patent process. She even worked on the weekend to get my Patent Application submitted, when I needed a rush due to an impending meeting regarding my Invention. She helped me make sure I was protected. I WILL use her again and intend to next week on my next Provisional Patent Application. Sumedha Bahri is the real deal."


High Praises for the Services of DB&L

"We want to compliment and give high praise for the services of DB&L and specifically, Mary Witzel for the unbelievable professional integrity and workmanship. Running a small business, it is extremely reassuring to know we can trust them to take care of everything, especially the items that we never would have thought of."


Best Business Law Attorneys

"These guys are the best business law attorneys I have ever come across in my over 25 years of business. If you need someone who will make your opposing party wish they never met you David Keesling is your guy!"


Inherited Property Situation

"My sister and I had a tricky situation with a property we inherited that was tied up in a Land Trust and Robert Deal was able to unravel the many complexities so we could settle on time. Working with DBL was a very enjoyable experience."


Rhonda was a Great Resource

"Rhonda was a great resource the past several years as I went through several significant changes. She outlined my options with clear explanations about each to help me make a fully informed decision. At my request, she explained these to my family so they could fully understand my options. As events took place that impacted me, she was extremely supportive, again outlining in very clear detail, for both myself and my family, the recommended changes. I would not consider seeing anyone else."


Tom is absolutely the sort of attorney that you want on your team

"Tom is the charismatic helmsman of a very talented team of attorneys at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig. He is attentive, knowledgeable over a broad range of IP issues, and (importantly) able to manage legal costs. A clever tactician with the gift of the gab in the courtroom, Tom is absolutely the sort of attorney that you want on your team for contentious IP matters. - Nikki Kahn, IP Manager & In House Counsel for ZURU Group"

- Nikki Kahn, IP Manager & In House Counsel for ZURU Group

There is not a word to describe the pure excellence

"There is not a word to describe the pure excellence and pride I have to have such a wonderful law firm that represents my registered trademark froyozombie."

- Rene

This is an attorney who is the exception to the rule.

"I hesitate to write a glowing review only because I don't want to share him with others! Cortland is so extremely knowledgeable that he can explain the law easily by breaking it down into simple, logical steps. You work with him and understand his thinking. He asks the right questions. On top of this, he is courteous and personable. If Atticus Finch were alive, you would confuse Cortland with him."

- RegainingLostGround

Very thorough and professional.

"Very thorough and professional. Took the time to answer all my questions in detail."

- Edward


"Mr. Bennett was always professional and always available for me during a difficult time. I appreciate his dedication and professionalism. He worked hard and got a great result for me in my case."

- Daniel, a Debt Settlement client

Kevin was great to talk to.

"Kevin was great to talk to. He made the process of the patent clear and understandable. He offered his services so that we are able to make an informed decision. I would work with him again!"

- Kathaleen


"Mr. Bennett is extremely professional and gets the job done. I needed help and he helped me period…he didn’t beat around the bush and kept me very informed on my case and how the law works in detail which helped ease my anxiety. He was compassionate and seemed to really care about helping me with my case and his billing was more than fair."

- Litigation client

Great lawyer for business disputes

"Tom was responsive to my questions and very easy to talk to. Unlike the first lawyer I worked with he handled the dispute without having to file a lawsuit and without three attorneys on the same case. Great work!"

- Litigation client

Great Consultation!

"Tom was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He listened to the issue, reviewed the contract in question and left me with the piece of mind of knowing that the contract worked in my favor. He advised me on how to proceed as well as provided additional legal resources. Received great legal advice and would definitely contact him again."

- Contracts client

Govt Contracting Debarment

"I contacted Mr. Bennett to represent me before the USAF. He was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I was most impressed by his willingness to spend the time needed to properly prepare and to keep me informed about the process. And we were successful defending the action."

- Litigation client

Contract Dispute

"Ellis handled our complex contract litigation matter very well. He took the time to clearly explain what the issues were, what the process would be, and what to expect. Our case was resolved successfully and at a very reasonable cost. I would definitely use his services again if needed, and would highly recommend him."

- George, a Litigation client

Consultation gem!

"By the time I was referred to David, I had received a good deal of conflicting advice on the same relatively simple business matter. Although not intimidated by the legal process, I was thoroughly at a loss for how to proceed. David very quickly made sense of the problem, carefully explained possible solutions, and was receptive to my many follow up questions. Because of his efficiency, I don’t expect to have an extended relationship, but the fact that he was simultaneously approachable, knowledgeable, and reassuring will definitely bring me back if the need arises. I am grateful that with his help, I feel very much in control of the next steps for my business."

- Business Client

Ellis Bennett

"Ellis is very hardworking and responsive. He keeps us informed at every turn and goes above and beyond everything we hoped for. I have complete confidence in his ability and highly recommend him."

- Carol, a Lawsuits & Disputes client

David is a good attorney.

"David’s best attributes are honesty, frankness, and patience. We had a steep hill to climb via-a-vis my case and he was careful to discuss the pitfalls and risks at the outset. Everything was done in a timely, professional manner and he seemed to have the respect of the opposing attorneys and worked with them to my benefit. He successfully steered the case over the first major hurtle but we couldn’t make it over the last but it was not his fault. A decent, honest fellow. I recommend him highly.The firm’s reception is pleasant also and always made me comfortable before my meetings with David."

- Pat, a Fraud client

A rare find

"Tom Dunlap is a rare find in the legal profession. He is very knowledgeable, tactful and a very skilled attorney. I know that Tom is in high demand, and I can see why. He made me feel like I was his only client. Dedication, personal attention and an ability to explain the technical issues of law made Tom really shine against other attorney’s I’ve worked with. I cannot recommend Tom Dunlap enough! He truly does great work!"

- Mike

Excellent help!

"Kevin laid out everything related to our patent questions very clearly and was an excellent help!"

- Nick

A year in defense with Ellis Bennett

"Mr. Bennett is beyond reproach. I was being sued in by a very aggressive Law Firm whose customer stated that his intent was not necessarily to win, but to use the legal system to “destroy” me. Mr. Bennett’s solid knowledge in the law and extreme diligence to the complex details of every matter in the case completely abated their goals. When working with Mr. Bennett you get the impression that you are his only client and he always has your case in mind. I HIGHLY recommend this Attorney."

- Lee, a Business client

Succinct and Helpful Advice

"I stated the main purpose of the initial consultation with Tom Dunlap as needing direct advice on applying for a Trademark for my invented product. I needed his expert opinion on whether the “conflicts” of other products with similar names to mine were serious enough to keep mine from being granted a Trademark, also. He dove right in, looked at my search results, asked some pertinent questions and gave me his opinion, and made several suggestions on how to maximize my chances. He was most helpful and knowledgeable."

- Litigation client

Succinct and Helpful Advice

"I stated the main purpose of the initial consultation with Tom Dunlap as needing direct advice on applying for a Trademark for my invented product. I needed his expert opinion on whether the “conflicts” of other products with similar names to mine were serious enough to keep mine from being granted a Trademark, also. He dove right in, looked at my search results, asked some pertinent questions and gave me his opinion, and made several suggestions on how to maximize my chances. He was most helpful and knowledgeable."

- KungfuGeisha

Professional with clear cut answers

"Too many times have I talked with attorneys who have waffled their way through the conversation, either scared to stick their neck out or not knowledgeable enough on the topic. This was NOT the case with Tom Dunlap. He gave clear, concise, actionable views based on his experience and expertise. Highly recommended."

- UHE33

Awesome attorney

"Tom Dunlap is very professional and wise beyond his years. I have already told 10 business friends about Tom’s services. I hope his firm runs for centuries!"

- Elitematevic

Very Knowledgeable and Cares

"Mr. Ludwig is a consummate professional with a wide breadth of knowledge into copyright law and trademark issues. I have a somewhat complicated case and Mr. Ludwig took a lot of time and care to help me wade through the details to make my options clearer. I absolutely would recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice in these matters. A+++"

- jksymz75

Trademark Infringement

"Very evolved and experienced wisdom given. My philosophy in how to deal with conflict and issues in business was completely inline with David’s. Not the typical ‘lawyer’ stereotype. A real breath of fresh air."

- jilliegirl

A lawyer with a layman’s touch!

"I have consulted Mr. Ludwig on several occasions for the same reason: he has a way of explaining copyright and trademark law that provides the average consumer with the tools necessary to make informed decisions about the matter at hand. I value his advice and will contact him again, if the need arises."

- Josephine34