Protect Your Business Value NOW!

Copyrights. Trademarks. Trade Secrets. Critical IP Ownership.

Protect Your Business Value NOW!

If you haven’t had an attorney review your intellectual property (IP), you could be vulnerable to cease & desist letters, infringement allegations, injunctions, counterfeiters, and many other problems. You also may not be taking advantage of or protecting all the rights you have in your business identity, reputation, and goodwill. Our attorneys provide goal-oriented, practical advice to our clients on various IP-related filings, strategies, disputes, and transactions.  This includes filing trademarks, copyrights, and advising on trade secrets.

We have successfully guided many companies and individuals through the trademark and copyright process. Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of IP ownership and are nationally recognized as one of the top trademark law firms in the United States for our experience and results. If you are looking for legal protection for your idea, product, brand, or software, our team of experts can help you navigate this complex system with ease.

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