Gina Davis, President of Ticket to Dream Foundation, “Helping Foster Kids Just Be Kids” began the charity business working alongside her retail partner, formally known as “Sleep Train”. Their main purpose is to bring awareness to the unspoken need of foster children. Local communities responded tremendously to their small charity program, which helped the charity grow nationwide within 43 states and reached over 175,000 foster youth!

We asked Gina about her experience with working with us at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig. Gina stated, “Our experience was excellent. Coming from a retail corporate background, I’m used to having a suite of lawyers at my disposal so I was nervous about how to go about a trademark solo. Your team made it easy! Easy to schedule, Talked me through the steps, Updates along the way to our final registration. Super easy and straightforward. Took all the worry out of the entire process, I’d definitely use your service again!”

Ticket to Dream Foundation provides enriching life experiences and vital support for foster children to allow them to heal and grow to their fullest potential. These experiences could be something as impactful as re-uniting with a sibling at camp, find joy and wonder with a trip to the zoo, finding their passion on a soccer team, or even music lessons. Essentially, their main purpose is to do everything they can to give childhood back to foster kids.  Through their network of foster care partners and corporate partnerships, they collect and distribute essential items across 43 states every six weeks, which then quickly disseminates down to the foster children that need the items. The clothing, shoes, and other necessities received by Ticket to Dream Foundation are given to ensure foster children are wrapped in comfort, get a glimpse of hope, and find a smile as they try on their first pair of new shoes.

We also had the chance to ask Gina how filing her Trademark has helped their business; Gina stated: “We wanted a tagline that we could wrap our identity around, that would communicate our mission and be easy to use every day. Getting our trademark allows us to be worry free about others using the goodwill we are building into it. It’s a building block to our future success and outreach as well as a guide post for our passion. Does it help kids be kids? Sure does!”

We take great pride in our clients, and we appreciate individuals like Gina who strive to give back to the community in such a positive way. Congratulations to Gina and the Ticket to Dream Foundation team!

Written By: Olivia Cross

For more information about Ticket to Dream Foundation, or to get involved/donate, Check out their website here!

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