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At Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, we put our clients’ business goals first, and we find legal solutions that protect and advance those goals. We handle the full range of business-related legal concerns for our clients including trademark and patent litigation disputes, intellectual property protection, government contracts, and trademarks and copyrights. If your business has any legal concern or is involved in any legal dispute, let an experienced Vienna, Virginia business lawyer at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig help. We help governments, corporations, and businesses like yours with disputes, transactions, and intellectual property protection. With their diverse backgrounds in engineering, science, business, and government, our attorneys know how to represent and defend your business and your business interests effectively. We offer aggressive representation and provide cost-effective, innovative legal solutions.


From settling infringement disputes to conducting patent and trademark clearance searches, an experienced Vienna. Virginia business lawyer with Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig can handle every aspect of your intellectual property protection needs. We fully understand its importance, and we will diligently defend your intellectual property rights. We can review or help you complete and file your U.S. and international trademark, patent, and copyright applications using the most advanced security protocols. If a dispute regarding your intellectual property assets emerges, our infringement litigation attorneys have an impressive record of success of behalf of our business clients.


Every day, business disputes erupt and businesses are the targets of legal actions. Don’t hesitate to contact Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig right away regarding a business-related legal dispute or about your everyday legal needs. We settle business disputes by quickly achieving the best possible results while fully protecting your interests and rights. We represent clients who include governments, businesses of all sizes, and individuals in a wide range of commercial and business-related legal matters in every part of the nation and around the globe.


Feel free to contact Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig regarding any or all of your business and corporate legal needs. Our experienced business attorneys put their backgrounds and experience to work for every business client. We draft, review, and help you enforce contracts and other business agreements. We provide representation if your business is targeted by a lawsuit or investigated or cited by the government. We help businesses understand compliance, and we help you implement the solutions that can keep small legal problems from becoming costly legal disputes. Every business today routinely faces legal questions and challenges. Let an experienced Vienna, Virginia business lawyer with Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig help.


Don’t hesitate to contact Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig before you begin to pursue a government contract or at any point while that contract is ongoing. Few law firms have the experience with government contracts that Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig has. We’re contractors ourselves, and some of our lawyers are former government attorneys. When your business pursues or lands a government contract, you’ll need the help of an attorney who understands your goals and understands how the government operates. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig will help you avoid the common mistakes and misunderstandings so frequently linked with acquiring and fulfilling government contracts.


It’s never too soon to begin planning your estate. Estate planning is essential for business owners and for anyone who wants to plan responsibly for the future. Proper estate planning takes an experienced estate planning attorney to help you create a set of complex, detailed legal documents. Estate planning is about making wise choices to guarantee that your instructions are faithfully carried out with minimal legal interference. At Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, our estate planning attorneys ensure that you understand your options, and we are always ready to answer your questions. We offer comprehensive estate planning services and estate administration services.


When you are a commercial or residential real estate buyer or seller, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig can put its decades of real estate law experience to work on your behalf. Whether it’s a purchase or sale, a lease agreement, or a land use or zoning issue, we offer legal counsel to businesses, individuals, and to real estate buyers, sellers, and owners. Contact Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig immediately regarding any real estate issue or dispute that impacts or concerns your business.


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