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Incapacity In Virginia

By: Chris Arakaky According to Virginia law, a person is legally considered incapacitated if a court finds they are unable to evaluate information, interactions with others, and their surroundings to...

25 Jan, 2022

Probate in Virginia and Alternatives

By: Chris Arakaky Probate is the official proving and recording of a decedent's last will and testament. It can also refer to the general administration of the decedent's estate when...

22 Jan, 2022

Trademark Modernization Act: New Expungement and Reexamination Proceedings

By: Hyung Gyu (Leo) Sun The Trademark Modernization Act (the “TMA”) was enacted on December 27, 2020, amending the Trademark Act of 1946 (the “Lanham Act”), among other things, to...

20 Jan, 2022

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