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Businesses want to make a profit. The business attorneys at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig fully realize that your business goals are your top priority, so we find the legal answers that protect your rights and your ability to make a profit. We help corporations, governments, and clients like you cost-effectively handle legal disputes, major transactions, and intellectual property issues. Both internationally and in the United States, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig represents business owners in matters regarding:

  • Government contracts and security clearances
  • Intellectual property
  • Business formation and transactions
  • Insurance issues
  • Leasing and all other real estate issues


Since our beginning in 2001, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig has handled a variety of business matters for our clients, including business disputes, trademark and patent litigation, government contracts, U.S. and international IP patents, copyrights, and real estate and insurance matters. Our clients include businesses of all sizes, Fortune 500 corporations, and sovereign foreign governments. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s business attorneys combine decades of experience to serve our clients and represent their interests. We offer flexible fees along with a flexible approach to a variety of legal matters.


Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig aggressively advocates for our clients’ interests while bringing each case to its best possible conclusion. In every region of the United States as well as around the world, we represent clients in a wide range of legal and commercial matters. Our record, reputation, and experience speak volumes. Don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with an experienced West Palm Beach business attorney about a specific case or about your company’s ongoing legal needs.


A West Palm Beach business attorney at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig will have considerable legal experience, a comprehensive knowledge of business and business law, and a dedication to delivering consistently high-quality legal services and sound legal advice. Our business clients rely on us not only to address their immediate legal concerns but also to protect and advance their long-term commercial operations and interests. Every business in the 21st century faces a daunting range of legal challenges. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig provides the solutions without breaking the budget. Contact us about your business-related legal needs in the West Palm Beach area and beyond.


For every business today, intellectual property protection is imperative. Many of Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s IP attorneys are also entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers who will put their considerable knowledge and impressive backgrounds to work on your behalf. When we file U.S. and international IP registrations and applications on behalf of clients, we make certain that those documents are thorough and accurate, with no mistakes and no misunderstandings, and we use the most advanced security processes. We will help you fully protect your intellectual property, and if it’s needed, we will act aggressively through the judicial system to protect your interests and rights.


We know government contracts. Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig includes former government contract lawyers as part of our team. We’re actually government contractors ourselves. We understand contractors’ concerns and needs, and we know exactly how the government deals with contracts and contractors. Let Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig help you sidestep the pitfalls and problems that accompany acquiring and fulfilling government contracts. Contact Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig before seeking a contract with the government or at any point in the course of your government contracting.


Admiralty law is the combination of U.S. laws and international law that governs all contracts, torts, injuries, or offenses that take place on the water. Admiralty law largely governs the interactions between two ships, a captain’s responsibilities to his crew and passengers, the rights of crew members, and other legal issues. The maritime and admiralty attorneys at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig are quite knowledgeable regarding the many international laws and legal principles that may apply in admiralty cases. Businesses with any concerns or issues regarding admiralty law should speak promptly with an experienced West Palm Beach admiralty law attorney at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig.


The experienced insurance attorneys at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig handle insurance subrogation and defense. Subrogation is the substitution of one party for another as part of a claim. For example, when an insurance company has to pay a damage or injury claim because a third party caused damage or injury, the insurance company can sue the responsible party and potentially have their claim payment reimbursed. Insurance defense protects against false and/or exaggerated claims. If an insurance company is paying for damages that are someone else’s fault, it should not be penalized and lose profits as a result. Contact an experienced West Palm Beach insurance attorney at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig regarding a specific case or to learn more.


The estate planning clients at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig receive frank, easy-to-understand legal advice and high-quality estate planning services. We answer every estate planning question and address every client concern. Whether you require thoroughgoing estate planning and administration services or just a simple will, we strive to satisfy our clients’ estate planning needs. Of course, tomorrow is guaranteed for no one, so it’s never too soon to discuss your estate plan with an experienced Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig estate planning attorney.


Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s real estate lawyers handle real estate issues and concerns for all of our government, business, and individual clients. Our many years of real estate law experience benefit our clients in residential and commercial real estate deals and disputes, cases involving leasing issues, and any other real estate issue that affects your company or property. We also offer advice regarding zoning and land use issues. Let a West Palm Beach real estate attorney with Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig provide the real estate answers you need.


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