An industry heavily regulated by federal law and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and extremely dynamic due to constant developments in technology and related policies, the world of telecommunications law can be a challenging one. Telecommunications encompasses an extensive range of legal and regulatory issues pertaining to items such as:

  • Wired and wireless telecommunications
  • Broadcasting
  • Cable television
  • Internet
  • Satellite communications
  • Information services

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s team of global lawyers are committed to assisting clients meet the challenges they face in the rapidly changing wireless, wired, high-tech and media industries. With extensive experience in other related fields such as finance, capital, business, regulatory, tax, and litigation, our lawyers offer clients with a well-rounded approach to the complex and ever-changing telecommunications landscape. In particular, our team develops innovative solutions to solve complex problems in this industry and act as advisors to our clients across the world, addressing significant issues in the areas of privacy and consumer protection.

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