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Social Commitment

Giving Back

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig lawyers are more than just lawyers; we’re real people who believe in giving back to the community.

Our mission is to create and support programs that will positively impact the less fortunate and most vulnerable members of our community. This commitment is deeply ingrained in our core values, and we aim to demonstrate these responsibilities through our actions and within our corporate policies.

Through our commitment to causes that support the following focus areas, Dunlap Bennet & Ludwig’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee is dedicated to supporting programs and public services that will enhance the development and growth of the major metropolitan areas where our offices are located:

Community Involvement

Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is critical to Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig. We see social commitment as a discipline that helps us manage risks and maximize the opportunities available to us in a changing world.

We are committed to understanding, monitoring, and managing our social and environmental impact. This commitment is deeply ingrained in our core values, and we aim to demonstrate these responsibilities through our actions and within our corporate policies.

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig's Seven Major CSR Program Types

Charitable donations

A charitable donation allows DBL to give money or resources directly to a nonprofit. Structuring our giving this way allows DBL to have an immediate impact.

Community Grants

Awarding grants to nonprofits doing work in the community is a great way to leverage our resources and expertise. Rather than picking a charity, we can set aside a designated amount of money to fund grants and invite organizations to apply.


Channeling our corporate giving into a scholarship program means we will be helping students further their education by providing money for tuition, books, or other living expenses.

Matching Gifts

Matching employee contributions to nonprofits gets our whole team engaged in giving. A matching program allows our employees to choose the causes they want to support. They make a donation and DBL matched the donation to create a bigger impact.

Volunteering (DBL Cares)

When it comes to corporate giving, it’s easy to overlook one of our greatest resources: our people. We have taken time to assemble a great team. The talent and enthusiasm each employee brings to the table is unique. Channeling these skills to help charities pursue their missions is a great way to leverage our resources and get employees engaged.


In a sponsorship, DBL helps financially support a community group, event, or activity. Often in exchange for the support, DBL is featured in promotional materials. By affiliating with a beloved event or group, DBL can build goodwill in the community. This form of outreach gives us a chance to subtly market our brand while spotlighting important community activities.

Pro Bono

DBL is committed to providing pro bono services as part of our professional responsibility to provide access to the legal system for all, especially the poor and marginalized in our community. We encourage all attorneys in our firm to perform at least 10 hours of pro bono work per year.

Intern Program

As part of our effort to recruit, develop and retail the best and brightest attorneys, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig offers a summer intern program for promising law school students who are looking to work as part of an innovative and incredibly successful team. With a global team of lawyers, selected candidates are able to work on high level projects in a collaborative space.

Paralegals and Legal Support Staff

At Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, our team of paralegals and staff work together collaboratively along side our attorneys toward a common goal. We have created a positive work environment where our paralegals and legal assistants work to successfully reach firm-wide goals and support each other to combine individual strengths to enhance team performance. They regularly assist our attorneys with organizing and maintaining files, conducting legal research, and preparing documents.