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Mission Statement

"At the heart of what we do is serving people & the businesses they have built, through trusted advice and fearless advocacy."

Who We Are

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is a veteran-owned law firm with outcome-focused attorneys advising and representing clients in national and international legal matters. Our team prides itself on prioritizing practical and efficient outcomes for our clients by offering a full array of legal services and investing in long-term relationships with our clients.

We are not just your lawyers – our depth of experience includes lawyers who are also business owners, patent-holders, military veterans, commercial pilots, prosecutors, aerospace engineers, MBAs, and scholars. We understand our clients on a much deeper level, using our unique backgrounds to act as straight-talking advisers and zealous advocates on your behalf.

DBL Initiatives

Doing Better While Doing Good

Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is critical to Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig. We see social commitment as a discipline that helps us manage risks and maximize the opportunities available to us in a changing world. We are committed to understanding, monitoring, and managing our social and environmental impact. This commitment is deeply ingrained in our core values, and we aim to demonstrate these responsibilities through our actions and within our corporate policies. Read more about DBL’s Social Commitment.

Women’s Network

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s Women’s Network (DBLWN) is an innovative steering committee led by the CEO and CMO. The DBLWN was created to help women achieve their individual professional goals through programming, training, and advocating for women to achieve leadership positions within the firm. The main objective of the DBLWN is recruiting and retaining women attorneys and staff, mentoring opportunities, work-life management, and increased leadership opportunities both internally and externally. This program allows us to create an inclusive culture that offers a genuinely collaborative work environment.

Pro Bono Program

All of our lawyers at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig are encouraged to participate in pro bono legal services with an emphasis on providing services to people with limited means or nonprofit organizations that serve the poor. Through our pro bono work, our team uses their special skills and knowledge needed to secure justice for low-income people, where there are enormous unmet legal needs. Those lawyers who participate in the program understand this need, and volunteer their time and skills to do this important work.

Mentoring Program

DBL’s leadership believes our greatest resources is our employees. Our mentor program goal is to contribute to the development of an engaged and better-trained workforce.DBL leadership has created an initial Mentor/Mentee matching. These assignments were made to pairs that do not regularly work together. This will help build relationships and knowledge outside your core practice area and/or location.

Mentor Program Goals

Corporate Wellness Initiative

professional women

Corporate Wellness Initiative

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig is committed to the idea that corporate wellness is a fundamental key to overall success. We have created a holistic approach to employee well-being by creating an organizational culture of health. We believe strongly that your workplace environment should promote healthiness both mentally and physically. We engage in the following healthy practices:

Mentor Program Goals

Integrate wellness into the company structure

Green Sustainability Initiative

Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig has a comprehensive Green Sustainability Program. We believe strongly that “working green” needs to be a part of company culture, and we empower our employees to make “green decisions” daily. We believe being an environmentally friendly business is a sound investment for a number of reasons. First, being ahead of the curve in terms of meeting and exceeding environmental regulations means that we are better positioned to handle negative events. Second, clients care. Consumers are more conscious of their choices and are willing to invest in companies that are participating in this movement.

Efficiency and Quality


DBL History

Intern Program

As part of our effort to recruit, develop and retail the best and brightest attorneys, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig offers a summer intern program for promising law school students who are looking to work as part of an innovative and incredibly successful team. With a global team of lawyers, selected candidates are able to work on high level projects in a collaborative space.

Paralegals and Legal Support Staff

At Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, our team of paralegals and staff work together collaboratively along side our attorneys toward a common goal. We have created a positive work environment where our paralegals and legal assistants work to successfully reach firm-wide goals and support each other to combine individual strengths to enhance team performance. They regularly assist our attorneys with organizing and maintaining files, conducting legal research, and preparing documents.