Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig: San Juan, Puerto Rico

First founded by the great explorer Ponce De Leon, San Juan is now the Capital and largest city in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. Nearly 400,000 citizens call San Juan home and now so does Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig. San Juan is one of the oldest European settlements in the Americas, given its official title 13 years after its founding in 1521. Four centuries of rich culture fill the city streets and make it one of the most historically influential cities under U.S. jurisdiction. Just minutes from the downtown office are the centuries old Fort San Felipe del Morro, Fort San Cristobal, and La Fortaleza, the oldest executive or governor’s mansion still used anywhere in the Americas.

In addition to the history held within the city, and the island as a whole, Puerto Rico is known for its beautiful weather and landscape. Puerto Rico is an amazing tourist destination because, as a U.S. territory, other U.S. citizens don’t need a passport to move freely between the island and mainland. Millions of visitors use this as reason to come to see the dozens of spectacular beaches on the island and take part in all types of water sports and fishing in the warm waters of the Caribbean.

In addition, San Juan is in the heart of Puerto Rico’s golf community with 6 of the most pristine courses in the Caribbean located in and just outside the city.

But most importantly, San Juan has recently become home to one Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig’s 13 national and international offices. The firm’s Puerto Rico office is located in the middle of downtown San Juan at 151 Calle San Francisco. After thoughtful consideration the firm chose to expand to Puerto Rico and provide the same exceptional legal services found at any of our offices to individuals and businesses who also call Puerto Rico home.

The Puerto Rico Office is run by three of the firm’s partners, Tom Dunlap, David Ludwig, and Cortland Putbrese. With these partners at the helm, the Puerto Rico office can handle any and all types of legal matters our clients have. Specifically, Intellectual Property matters, Antitrust, Commercial Litigation, and Products Liability.

Services Available at Our Puerto Rico Office

Our Puerto Rico attorneys, who have 30 years of combined legal experience, provide a variety of legal services for the community, including the following:

Intellectual Property

The world today is driven by new and rapidly advancing technological breakthroughs. Never let your time, investment, and hard work in creating a valuable product go to waste by allowing dishonest individuals from making a quick buck off a second-rate reproduction. The attorneys at Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig have the skills experience to guide you through the processes of applying for a patent or registering your work as a trademark or copyright.

Moving past the initial application process, our firm can easily manage your intellectual property portfolio and monitor for any kind of infringement by competitors. Should someone attempt to infringe upon your work, our attorneys will work zealously to advocate for you in litigation.


Whether pursuing a merger, acquisition, or some other joint venture, failure to consider all the possible outcomes of such a move could be disastrous. Our attorneys are well versed in the complex web of antitrust laws and how to work with government enforcement agencies in the quickest and most efficient manner. To secure the most advantageous outcome for our clients, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig attorneys focus on providing preventative counseling in attempt to ensure a positive response from any overseeing federal agency. The firm also responds to government investigations and enforcement actions and has the years of experience to provide exceptional defense work for clients in matters of this nature.

Commercial Litigation

Competition is the driving force behind the American economy. But, when your business is threatened by unfair practices by a competitor or breach of contract by a customer our attorneys will work to ensure your rights are protected. Our transactional attorneys will work to ensure your business and the relationship with your clients has not suffered harm or been placed at risk due to the actions of another entity. Should such an issue arise our firm has world-class level commercial litigation attorneys who provide high-value, low-risk representation in the most cost-effective manner possible. Let our firm’s experienced team guide you through all stages of the dispute resolution process.

Products Liability

At Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig we have a proven track record of defending claims and cases brought against manufacturers of all types, from Fortune 100 companies to local small businesses. Both in state and federal courts, our attorneys have successfully litigated in the most hostile of jurisdictions. A single settlement or case can open the floodgates for future litigation hence why our firm will work with your business’s best interest at heart and never bend to unreasonable demands of opposing trial lawyers. That being said, we routinely work to reduce, and in many cases eliminate, the need for trial through any available alternate resolution methods.

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With an established network of real estate professionals, including realtors, developers, title agencies, lenders, and co-counsel, we provide our clients with a vast knowledge and sharp acuity of all things real estate. This allows us to assist clients in making smart transaction while also limiting their risk. In the event our precautionary measures aren’t enough, our team is ready to aggressively litigate on your behalf at a moments notice.

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