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A Podcast for CEOs, Corporate Counsel, & Entrepreneurs.

Tom Dunlap brings famously experienced business people, lawyers, accountants, and anyone else in the realm of business to the table to share personal experiences that have shaped their business and to talk about how to handle black letter issues in creative ways. Topics include: Employment Law, Business Start Up, The Alcohol Biz, Business Litigation, Trademark… Continue reading E10: Season 1 Episode 10: The Best of Blackletter: Season 1 in Review
Tom Dunlap speaks with Phil Schwartz and David Ludwig, attorneys for Dunlap Bennett and Ludwig, about the employer side of the law. They discuss how to deal with terminations, 1099s and what you need to know as an employer who employs people.
Tom Dunlap speaks with Roy Morris and Justin Bamford, attorneys for Dunlap Bennett and Ludwig, about the challenges in starting a business. They discuss everything from buying, selling and funding a business.
Tom Dunlap speaks with Scott Harris of Catoctin Creek Distilling, Chris Suarez of Bear Chase Brewing and Matt Hagerman of Lost Rhino Brewing about the challenges in starting an alcohol focused business. They discuss everything from ABC licenses to trademark wars to challenges during start up.
Tom Dunlap speaks with David Ludwig and Laura Seferian, attorneys for Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, about business litigation, what are disputes and how to resolve them.
Tom Dunlap speaks with David Ludwig, Cailey Afualo and Alex Butterman, attorneys for Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, about trademarks and owning the name of the brewery and the beer.
Thomas Dunlap speaks with Erick Robinson and Dragon Wang, attorneys for Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, as they discuss how to protect, defend and maximize your leverage in China using the Chinese courts, the US courts and intellectual property.
Thomas Dunlap speaks with Ellis Bennett and Ben Barlow, attorneys for Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, as they discuss the underpinnings of security clearances. They will try and answer what is a security clearance, who needs one, and how to keep it or avoid losing it.
Legal and Creative Issues in the Film Industry Tom Dunlap speaks with Ron Swartz, the Sr. director of marketing and brand management for LegalZoom, as they discuss legal and creative issues in the film industry
Thomas Dunlap, an attorney with Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, shares his experience, explains the meaning of blackletter and what is in-store for future episodes.

Intern Program

As part of our effort to recruit, develop and retail the best and brightest attorneys, Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig offers a summer intern program for promising law school students who are looking to work as part of an innovative and incredibly successful team. With a global team of lawyers, selected candidates are able to work on high level projects in a collaborative space.

Paralegals and Legal Support Staff

At Dunlap Bennett & Ludwig, our team of paralegals and staff work together collaboratively along side our attorneys toward a common goal. We have created a positive work environment where our paralegals and legal assistants work to successfully reach firm-wide goals and support each other to combine individual strengths to enhance team performance. They regularly assist our attorneys with organizing and maintaining files, conducting legal research, and preparing documents.